Spanish Baby Girl Names

Looking for the perfect name for your little girl? Check out the Spanish library of baby girl names and you are bound to find an irresistible name amongst the many unique names for your little princess.

There is something about Spanish names that has got the public going head over heels over them. The intermingling of cultures has increased due to the improvements in means of mass communications. As a result more people have been exposed to Spanish names than ever before. The unique sounds coupled with the Spanish accents of those from Spanish decent have intrigued people into knowing more about Spanish names. Recent years have seen many people searching to give their children a Spanish name as their first gift. This gift will make them stand out amongst a crowd of others and add a sense of individuality to their character.

The concept of taking on Spanish names is greatly increasing in the non Spanish speaking section of society. This is largely due to the presence of and interaction with so many Spanish speaking people from the regions where the language is spoken. The television media has also been a major influence on the mind set of the people. With all those cool Spanish named characters on TV the public has become eager to give their young ones a title in Spanish. Although you will find that people seek to keep Spanish names for both males and females the ratio is much higher in favor of females.

Spanish Baby Girl Names Meanings

There are many Spanish baby girl names that can really compliment the true nature of the fairer sex. The fact that these names have such different spellings and pronunciation also gives the little girls an added dimension of individuality. Take for example the name Abril which is actually a Spanish version of the month April. This unique Spanish name is supposed to symbolize spring which is the season of blossoming flowers, beauty and happiness, very Spanish and very girlish indeed. Adalia is another name that has a beautiful and distinct sound to it. The value of the name is further accentuated when you know that it means Noble. Adalia is a very decent name to give to your little princess.

All those nations that have had a chance to rule over Spain have had an influence on their naming system. The Greek influence is quite apparent in one of the classic Spanish names for baby girls; Sofia. This comes from the Greek word Sophia meaning wisdom. Most of the Spanish names have Christianity as their bases. For this reason you will find many of their names to be influenced by the teachings and preachers of the religion. Isabella is a Spanish name for girls which means My God is Bountiful. Such names that celebrate the praises of God are common amongst the Spanish speaking cultures of the world.

There is no doubt that you will be able to find the cutest of names for your baby girl of Spanish origin. It is important however to exercise caution because sometimes the most nice sounding simple names can have awkward meanings which may even have an affect on the individual’s personality. A short and sweet religiously inclined name “Lola” is generally understood to mean sorrow based on the “Mary of the Sorrows”. So you would want to avoid names that have dark meanings and look for names that have positive meanings amongst the hoards of Spanish names that exist out there.

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