Santa Maria California Homes For Sale Real Estate

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There is plenty to be attracted to in Santa Maria, California, and real estate here includes homes for sale as well as rentals. Located in Santa Barbara County, CA, Santa Maria offers the typical California dream. The Pacific Ocean is nearby, and so are the San Rafeal Mountains. You will also be close to the Los Padres National Forest as well, so there is never a shortage of attractions and activities available when you buy real estate or consider homes for sale in Santa Maria, California. There are plenty of open areas and beautiful natural scenery, without the crowding that is common in many areas of the state.

Santa Maria Real Estate Options

Santa Maria offers a wide variety of real estate types for you to choose from. In addition to homes for sale, this part of California is known for agricultural property, ocean front options, and rural secluded real estate which is private and hidden. Vineyards, fruit and vegetable farms, and cattle ranches all have a big presence in Santa Maria, CA, and can be found on the market at times.

Whether you want to find a small cozy secluded two bedroom house or a large beach front home with plenty of room you will be able to find just what you are looking for in this city. Real estate here is very varied and offers a lot of different choices and types.

Homes For Sale, The Local Market, And Property Values

Homes for sale in Santa Maria have a median value of around two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars, and more than fifty five percent are owner occupied. Real estate property values have seen a downward spiral, but this has started to level off in the last year. California property taxes can be high in any part of the state, and this also applies to Santa Maria as well. Most homes for sale in the area have been built during the last twenty five years when the growth rate was high. This rate has dropped down to around ten percent, and growth has slowed slightly.

Living In Santa Maria, California

Santa Maria, California can be a terrific place to live, and real estate here is normally available in many price ranges. The city has a population of around eighty five thousand people and an area of just slightly less than twenty square miles. There are homes for sale in populated areas and others which are rural. The diverse natural landscape varies from ocean to forest to mountains, all within a twenty mile area of CA. The almost tropical climate and high number of beautiful days also helps make this city a very appealing place to live.

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