Seneca Indian Cigarettes

Do you want to know about the wave of criticism surrounding Seneca Indian cigarettes? Are you interested in finding out more about why many people are averse to the idea of Seneca Indian cigarettes? Read on for more information…

The word Seneca means the keepers of the western door and it’s a name that is associated with great pride in the indigenous communities. Yet for thousands of smokers across the country and particularly in the states that lie between Florida and California and from the Caribbean to Mexico the name has different connotations. In this vast territory it stands for Seneca Indian cigarettes, an indigenously manufactured, extremely cheap product that is prompting grave health concerns. So needless to say there are at least a few dozen lawsuits that have been left in the wake of this product.

There is certainly no dearth of shops selling Seneca Indian cigarettes within an hour’s drive of Buffalo. These products incorporate a sophisticated distribution network and use modern machinery to manufacture these cigarettes locally.

But then again Seneca Indian cigarettes is just one among a growing breed of Indian made cigarette brands that have flooded stores across the country. Of course these products are quickly turning into a nightmare for health advocates who concur that the cheap cigarettes are fuelling the habit of smoking in teenagers, encouraging them to take on this addiction.

It is also believed that these products and the manufacturing units fail to meet the fire safety standards and they may contain metallic contaminants which may pose serious health concerns

The sale of these products has created such a stir among industry watchers, health safety advocates and society watchers that almost 30 states have sued these companies stating that the cigarettes are being sold illegally.

The federal government in turn initiated its own campaign to curb the sale of these cigarettes by filing a $21 million judgment against the owners of Seneca Indian cigarettes for failing to pay the federal manufacturer’s fee. What ensued after the suit was a legal tangle of immense proportions on the compliance of the sales of these products with the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Regardless of the verdict, the fact remains that despite all efforts Seneca Indian cigarettes are still being sold in practically every Indian reservation cigarette shop and outside. And the experts will have to be believed on this one, that the cheap prices are indeed prompting youngsters to turn to this inexpensive form of

So it is imperative for the government to step up their efforts to curb the sale of these products or we are looking at a lot more people who will suffer from smoking related disorders in the years to come imposing a burden on the government’s health plan.


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