Wooden American Flag

Interested in buying a wooden American flag? Discover unique American flags carved out of wood…

An essential element in an American themed room is the Americana Wooden Flag. They are truly a must have when you want just the right effect in a classy room. American Wooden flags aim to bring you an easy way to instill patriotism in your home décor.

The eclectic mix of Country and Colonial design ensure you have the right old-time feel when choosing these wooden flags. The great red, white and blue is a staple recognition of the American flag colors and no theme would be complete without these flags.

These vintage themed wooden flags by Americana décor have an old world feel to them as they use the aged maroon red, muted blues and creamy white to finish off the flags. A stark contrast to the modern bright color flags; these flags blend well with the wood base and just sit beautifully in any décor. The designs are also one of the early traditional ones which are a precedent to the new 13 stripes and 50 stars.

Different themes and designs of the Wooden Flags

The Primitive Star design is one which has a single star on a blue base and has wide red and white stripes, about 5 or 6 on the design. This is a nicely weathered looking piece with brick red and deep cream offset by a deep grayish blue base. It is topped by a large cream color star.

The Betsy Ross design has 13 stripes and 13 stars in a circle and uses the same deep aged colors. The 3rd Maryland Pattern is very similar to the Betsy Ross flag but differs in that there are 12 small stars encircling one large one to make up the 13. It is traditionally difficult to locate this pattern as it is historically less known.

Different Shapes of Traditional Wooden Flags

While the colors look weathered and have a vintage feel, these flags have been given a new lease on life by changing the shape of the base! These flags are available in wooden die-cuts of heard, oval, circle and even the odd floating shape if required.

If you want a star shaped flag or the waving kind it’s a good idea to visit the Creative Country Gifts and Crafts website where you can find products like a star shaped wooden flag with the Primitive Star flag design.

Hanging ornaments, waving style flags, slogans with the traditional “united we stand” or USA engraved on different shapes are a unique item to add some patriotic flavor to your décor.

Using wooden Flags in Décor

There are countess ideas on displaying the wooden flag in a creative manner. Keep the theme simple and use the three vintage colors of deep maroon, grayish blue and cream through out the room. Choose one basic pattern of the wooden flag and avoid mixing two or three types as it will negate the impact of one pattern.

Instead use one pattern and translate it through the décor by using upholstery, decorative crystal, light fixtures and window treatments to balance out the effect of the three vintage colors. The colors are fun yet sober enough to add warmth to a room and make it welcoming.

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