Youth Summer Camps In Southern California

Interested in low-income Youth Summer Camps in Southern California? Learn more about the variety of youth summer camps in southern California for Low Income groups…

Southern California has wonderful weather all year round, but summer is the best time to make the most of the outdoor sun. There are special low-income youth summer camps in southern California that make it affordable for any child to go to summer camp and enjoy a wonderful vacation. Some of the leading summer camps are based around the national parks and reserves.

It is possible to go on weeklong sessions with the Southern California Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America. Both these organizations are known for the long week camping sessions that operate outdoors every summer. The camping slots are reserved prior to summer by the Scout troops themselves. However, there are individual openings. For a great summer adventure, it is a good idea that children are amalgamated in a group of people comprising of their friends and merge it with the locally organized Southern California scout troops.

Camping with the Firestone Scout Reservation, Boy Scouts of America Camp

This scouts’ reservation is based in Tonner Canyon, which is east of SR – 57 right between Brea and Diamond Bar in California. There are many unique archery and gun ranges that allow campers to perfect their skill. Campers can track on the wilderness trails and go camping in the wildlife. There are a myriad of opportunities to interact with the wildlife because there is a large and free accessible area that can be linked to most of the freeways in Southern California. The camp also arranges for orienteering and camping skills.

 Camp Cherry Valley – BSA Camp SGVC

The Boy Scouts of America camp is exceptionally popular because it offers different water-based activities. It’s such a popular camp in the Western United States that you need to reserve your spot at least two years in advance. It’s ideal location makes it popular. The leeward side of the Santa Catalina Island provides the perfect location for water sports and camping fun.

BSA Camp Fiesta Island in Mission Bay

Right at the heart of the San Diego youth aquatic center lays the Boy Scouts of America Camp Fiesta Island. You can have a weeklong summer camp program for any visiting Boy Scout troop. The lessons and classes include motor boating, boardsailing, sailing, kayaking, and swimming. Other unique lessons provide good skills in model rocketry and oceanography, as well as a host of other training lessons which are not available at the basic Boy Scouts of America mountainside camps. This makes for an ideal opportunity for low income youth to enjoy summer camps in Southern California and get extra mileage out of their summer fun.

Holcomb Valley Scout Reservation, Boy Scouts of America Camp SGVC

Located in the San Bernardino Mountains, this base camp lies at an elevation of 7500’ and has a very remote location. It is nestled between the mountain meadows and shows amazing sunsets on the horizon. It used to be the location of a cattle ranch that was utilized as a movie set. It still has the original barn and ranch house, making it a very charming location to be explored and enjoyed.

Camp Trask – BSA Camp SGVC

Providing great fun with the archery range, swimming pool and an amazing dining hall, the activities include Fort Rotary and movies in the outdoor amphitheater making for a wonderful camping experience. There are different campfire programs to be enjoyed. Additionally, the amazing stream flows through the camp that is lit by stars at night is located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city lights.

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