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Chinese Writing Symbols

Chinese writing symbols are the oldest continuously used characters in the world. Find out about their origins and development over time.The Chinese have one of the most unique and ancient writing systems that is still functioning in the world today. It is a system based on symbols which are known as characters. In the local [...]

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Chinese Writing Pad & Brush

The Chinese people are held in high esteem for their mastery of the calligraphy brush. Find out about the Chinese writing pad & brush which are the main tools of the art form.Amongst the many things that China is famous for is the art of calligraphy. This form of art has been part of many [...]

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Chinese Calligraphy Writing

Chinese calligraphy writing is considered to be one of the most unique forms of art that has attracted world wide attention. Find out about the origins of this amazing form of art.The art of calligraphy has been a prominent part of many East Asian civilizations over time. It is however the country of China which [...]

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History of Chinese Writing

Take a look at the history and development of Chinese writing as we trace out its origins.The Chinese writing system is credited as being the oldest writing system that has been in continuous use in the world. The earliest traces of the writing system, which has received only minor modifications over time date back to [...]

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Chinese Writing Desk

Find out about the history and development of the Chinese writing desks and where you can get your hands on all time classic Chinese writing desks.It wasn’t until the Chinese began to make use of stools that they began making the Chinese writing desk that has today captured the attention of the world wide public. [...]

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