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Japanese Cherry Blossom Painting

Find out how Japanese cherry blossoms have served as inspirations for many Japanese artists as we take a look at the collection of Japanese cherry blossom paintings.The Japanese cherry blossom tree has served as inspiration for many artists throughout the history of Japan. The native species known as Sakura in the local language is deeply [...]

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Japanese Cherry Blossom Lotion

Ever heard of Japanese cherry blossom lotion? Find out more about this sweet smelling beneficial extract of the cherry trees.The cherry blossom tree holds a special place in the eyes of the Japanese public. There are a host of traditional and cultural activities that revolve around cherry blossom trees in Japan. These traditions have been [...]

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Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap

Looking for a soap that doesn’t dry your skin after repeated use? Find out about the Japanese cherry blossom soap and its superior quality.The Japanese cherry blossom has become a well renowned tree all over the world. This culturally significant tree is taken both as a metaphor of life as well as a good luck [...]

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