Argentina Bariloche Skiing

Bariloche is a premier Skiing destination in Argentina. For more information on season, skiing conditions, prices and accommodation in Bariloche read our guide…

Bariloche is a huge region in Argentina which includes a large portion of the Andes Mountains. There are a number of ski resorts with excellent facilities. The city of Bariloche is quite modern and offers many amenities to tourists in the area.

Catedral Alta Patagonia

This is one of the most popular ski areas in Argentina with a top elevation of 3,280 ft at the summit. The season is from June to October and they have excellent snow making capabilities to insure great coverage from summit to base. Equipment includes a tramway, six person and four person chair lifts, double chairs, T-bars and surface lifts. Sixty percent of the area is devoted to intermediate skiing with twenty percent for advanced skiing and five percent for experts. Fifteen percent of the skiing area is for beginners making this a great spot for skiers at all skill levels. It is a favorite destination for students on winter break from school.

Open year round, this resort area isn’t just for skiers and offers many activities and amenities with easy access to the city of Bariloche, Argentina. There are discos, a casino, great dining and in the summer, hang gliding and mountain biking. Accommodations range from luxury to budget. Catedral is located in the lakes area and offers spectacular vistas from just about everywhere.

Cerro Bayo

For those who prefer a quieter atmosphere, Cerro Bayo is also located in the Bariloche area of Argentina and offers great skiing with an upscale ambiance. Since almost fifty percent of the skiing area is devoted to advanced and expert skiers, this resort may provide more challenges for the serious ski enthusiast. There are ski schools and plenty of opportunities for skiers at beginner or intermediate skill levels to enjoy themselves and improve their skills. This resort also boasts a snowboarding park.

Located near the town of Villa la Angostura, the area offers beautiful lake views and marvelous dining, but it has less nightlife than the city of Bariloche. Currently undergoing a $60 million renovation to improve lift facilities and infra-structure, the area is open from June to late September.

The skiing in the Bariloche region of Argentina is world class and it is gaining popularity with Europeans, Americans and Canadians. For competitive skiers it provides a place to train during the summer season of the Northern Hemisphere. The resorts are designed to appeal to tourists of all types and accommodations are available to suit most budgets.

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