Argentina Cruises

Argentina’s coastline and its proximity to Antarctica has made it a major sea cruising hub. There are other reasons why Argentina is an important area for vacation cruises. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Places You May Go

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a major hub for cruising. Situated at the banks of the Rio de la Plata, the city is a far cry from the glaciers of Patagonia, however, it still remains the capital city of cruising in Argentina. Many popular cruise lines serve Buenos Aires, like Discovery World Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Princess Cruises, etc. Another cruise hub is Ushuaia, a smaller city overlooked by snow-capped mountains. Ushuaia is sometimes called the “Southernmost city in the World”. Its proximity to the major sea cruising destination, Antarctica, is advantageous, and has made the town an important tourist center. Ushuaia is also a ski-resort, couple that with the snowy mountains, then you might get an Aspen, Colorado feel to the city. Along the coastline there are many cities that you would like to explore if your cruise line does a stopover. When passing by, you also get to enjoy the skylines of urban areas, and a spectacular view of the ports from sea.

And finally, what you’ve probably been waiting to see: Antarctica. The ‘icy’ continent is a major place of interest, with its vast glaciers and icebergs. Apart from that, the near absence of human civilization on that continent arouses a sense of mystery and curiosity.

Things You Might See

You’ll see many spectacular sites when taking a cruise ride in Argentina. If you don’t get a chance to explore the urban centers, you might love the view of the skyline and the beautiful beaches off the coast.  However, by the time you’re far from urban settlements in remote places at Tierra del Fuego or the Falkland Islands, you may observe a sense of stillness and quietness of the environment. But no worries, this is a good thing.

There are lots of wildlife in the Falklands, like sea lions, penguins, seals, whales, and many other forms of marine life you can find in an aquarium. There are many glaciers in Tierra del Fuego, and you’ll find more of that once your cruise reaches Antarctica. Some glaciers are isolated chunks, while some extend from the coast, all the away inland, massive like a plateau. In Antarctica, you might look off into the distance, and all you see is the glacier chunks, some huge, some small; all across the pristine blue sea.

On a sea cruise glaciers aren’t the only thing you’ll find. In Tierra del Fuego, and the Falklands, you won’t find beaches at the coastline. You might see a jagged, rocky coast; or mountains blanketed with snow. What makes the sight of the mountains more impressive other than its intrinsic splendor, is the very little distance between the mountains and the shoreline. That makes it a more up close experience.

While You’re There…

Argentina has lots of tourist attractions, on stopovers you might want to visit them and enjoy what the urban centers have to offer. There are many awe-inspiring sights to see along the coastline, you may also decide to take pictures of them and bring back home. An average cruise ship would be equipped with a spa and jacuzzi, you might be as eager to use them as much as viewing the amazing glaciers, mountains and wildlife. Enjoy your voyage!

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