Nassau Bahamas Gifts

If you are going on a vacation to Nassau in the Bahamas, you will no doubt want to bring home some souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family members. Read on for more information on some of the best buys and gift shops in Nassau so that you can bring home some great items to remind you of your trip. Continue reading for more information.

The Bahamas are well known for their rum, and if you drink alcohol or are buying gifts for someone who does, then a bottle of authentic Bahamas rum is a great gift idea. Tortuga Rum Factory is found just off Bay Street in Nassau, and offers a wide selection of rum and rum products. The Rum Factory offers samples of their different types of rum, and have a unique flavor of rum on special each day. There are many gift items and bottles of rum for sale in the Tortuga gift shop. One of the best buys is their world famous six ounce rum cake, which comes beautifully packaged in a hexagonal box. The cake keeps very well and can be taken home and eaten even weeks later.

Straw Markets

The Bahamas are also famous for their intricate straw work, and there are a number of straw markets in Nassau that offer handmade straw items such as baskets and hats. Although the markets can be a little overpriced as they are geared to the tourist market, if you are patient you can often find some great deals. Most of the straw markets are in the form of large open air flea markets, with hundreds of merchants displaying their wares. Items available include straw hats, straw baskets, straw mats and a wide range of other merchandise, all of which make excellent gifts and souvenirs.

The vendors at the straw market make many of their products on site, and it can be fascinating to watch them weaving their wares. There are not only straw items available at the Straw Market. There are also other souvenir merchants that sell typical souvenirs such as T-shirts, skirts, traditional Bahamas outfits, sunglasses and jewelry that is crafted by locals on the island. Many of the vendors are open to bargaining, so always see if you can get a better price for the items you want. The Bay Street Straw market also has a wood carving vendor who makes beautiful pieces that make great gifts.


The local women in Nassau make beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry out of conch shells found on the local beaches. These conch shells are a great gift.


If you are a music lover or are looking for a more creative way to capture the spirit of the Bahamas, then you should look out for a cd of traditional Bahamian music. Rake ‘n Scrape and Junkanoo are just two of the music styles that are unique to the Bahamas.

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