French Parisian Kitchen Decor

French Parisian Kitchen DecorIndividualistic styling bounded by certain limitations is what gives character to French Parisian kitchen decor. French kitchens are generally equipped with minimal extras yet all the necessary fixtures and fittings.

In general built-in features are not appreciated in French Parisian kitchens. On the contrary they would have to go for stand-alone buffets, cupboards and shelves instead. The only countertop space that is available in a French style kitchen is a big center table. All the necessary items are just hung on the wall.

In its essence French Parisian kitchen decor gives preference to quality over quantity. Thus French kitchens have lesser items that have more practical utility yet the entire kitchen space has a very elegant and classy appeal. If you have already set up your kitchen or are looking to incorporate certain French Parisian decor items into your kitchen then know that the market is loaded with many such varieties.

Some interesting French Parisian decor items available in the market are as follows:

Chateauneuf u’Select Salt & Pepper Mill

Attention to detail is what makes the French kitchen unique. With this pair of salt and pepper mills you will be able to capture the chic Paris feel in your kitchen. Made using Beachwood along with stainless steel accents these patented salt and pepper mills are solid and substantial adding the right kind of accent to your kitchen.

Le Creuset Enameled Stoneware Classic Teapot

Pour tea for your guests in this highly intelligent stoneware classic teapot with that timeless design. This unique teapot will add a distinctive charm to your kitchen. It has been carefully crafted using old-school traditional techniques practiced in France. The stoneware has been fired at extremely hot temperatures which makes it incredibly durable and strong.

French Madeleine Pan

You might want to add a French Madeleine pan while you’re at it. This is an especially designed pan which is used for the purpose of baking French Madeleine cookies. You will be able to find these baked in a number of different sizes.

French Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is the single most important furniture item incorporated in the Parisian style kitchen. The table serves as the centerpiece and is used as a countertop for cooking and as the convention equipment serving food kitchen.

The characteristic French kitchen table has a very simple design and is made using the wooden plank top. Tables for the kitchen usually have straight legs with unadorned platforms. You can opt for cane chairs along with your kitchen table or go for Bristo style benches.

Carved Wooden Cabinet

Incorporating a carved wooden cabinet in strategic locations will add a few different accents to your kitchen. Traditional cabinets used in French kitchens are adorned with intricate carvings of floral designs. You can use this Display for China or to store your linens and silverware.

Wheeled Wooden Cart

This is a trademark item which adds style and practicality to your kitchen. This card can be used in a number of ways. It can serve as the countertop when cooking food. On the other hand it can be used to bring the food to the table and can even serve as a sideboard.

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