Nassau Bahamas Shore Excursions

The archipelago of Bahamas consists of 700 islands and has many historical attractions connecting to its rich and colorful past and captivating natural wonders on its shores. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Bahamas offers interesting sights in exotic locale for the tourists to enjoy during shore excursions like nature trails, cave tours, visit to National Parks and bird sanctuary, and adventure and historical tours.  The colorful flora and fauna unique to Bahamas, enchanting underwater caves, and monuments of colonial era are fascinating to every tourist.  Gaming, entertainment with Bahamian music, and shopping for traditional handicrafts are other options.  There are also Junkanoo tours to learn about the culture of Bahamas and culinary tours to savor the island cuisine.  Tourists can even get married or celebrate their honeymoon in one of the uninhabited islands.

Shore Excursions in Bahamas

Every island in Bahamas has something special to offer.  Tourists can choose from a wide range of packages that suit their interests as one cannot possibly visit all the places during short vacations.  Shore excursions are offered for durations ranging from three days to one week, either covering select locations like the capital city of Nassau in New Providence Island and nearby Paradise Island, Grand Bahamas Island in the north, and outlying islands like Abaco, Andros, and Eleuthera or covering all the islands.

Nassau being the capital of Bahamas has both historical and modern attractions.  Grand Bahamas Island is an ecological preserve for many exotic species of fish and coral reef.  Other islands are home to several wonders of Bahamas like the world’s largest underwater cave network, nature parks with rare plants and large variety of orchids, wildlife sanctuaries that are home to endangered birds and animals, old plantations with buildings, and Lucayan Indian villages that stand as silent testimony to the ancient culture of Bahamas.

Attractions of Shore Excursions

Shore excursions offer many spectacular sights and unforgettable experience to tourists, ranging from natural formations to historical and modern edifice.  In Nassau, Bahamas, tourists can visit Heritage Park, Columbus’ Point, Fort Charlotte, and Botanical Gardens housing 600 species of tropical flora and the national flower of Bahamas, “Yellow Elder”. Lucayan National Park in Grand Bahamas has the largest underwater cave systems in the world.  Abaco National Park is surrounded by large tracts of pine forest and has a natural habitat for Abaco wild horse which is special to this region.

Inagua Island has a National Park protecting West Indian Flamingoes and Bahamas Parrots. Pine Forest Nature Walk in Andros Island features seventy species of orchids and rare birds like the legendary Chickharnie.  It also showcases world’s third largest fringing barrier reef with living corals.  In Bimini Islands, tourists can see marching flamingoes in Ardastra Gardens, Gateway to The Bahamas, and the famous 16-foot custom handcrafted boat called “The Bimini Bonefisher”, only one of which is built in a year.

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