Nassau Bahamas Yacht Charters

Nassau Bahamas yacht charters have a world-wide renown as Bahamas has the perfect conditions for yacht charters, with shallow waters and great barrier reefs. Read our guide for more facts and information…

The Bahamas is one of the best locations in the world for yacht charters because of its wonderful beaches, shallow waters and barrier reefs. With moderate winds and clear turquoise waters, it renders an unforgettable sailing experience on the warm Gulf Stream. Crewed luxury charters are famous in the region, with charter services providing a range of services, such as family charters, island excursions, sunset sails and yacht weddings. They help visitors select a suitable yacht with an appropriate crew and itinerary to experience the best of the Bahamas.

Conditions favoring yacht charters in the Bahamas

Made up of over 700 islands and over 2400 cays, Bahamas has a rime of impressive barrier reefs, which form a system of sheltered waters, which in turn offers 100 miles of calm cruising in shallow waters of the Sea of Abaco. The barrier reefs are a result of corals formed over the past several millennia and serve as a shelter from the strong waves of the sea. They also shelter marine wildlife.

Exploring the Bahamas by Yacht

With the chain of Bahamian islands beginning at Bimini and extending up to 500 miles to Turks, the fabulous charter location is easily accessible from America as well as Europe. Visitors at Nassau can board yacht charters at the marina of the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island. Before heading to the remote islands, the charter can take visitors to other attractions, such as Versailles Garden and Cloisters. Crossing the harbor on New Providence, some of the must see places include the Fincastle, Montague, Queen’s Staircase and the Bay Street. Visitors can also take charters designed for scuba drivers and other facilities that allow even beginners to explore the underwater world.

Traversing the ecological oasis

The sandy white beaches of Bahamas are incomparable and the ocean has remained untouched by human activities. As a result, visitors on yacht charters can easily see the sea floor on shallow regions. Acclaimed as an authentic ecological oasis, the Bahamas has a well-conserved ecosystem, thanks to its citizens.

Nassau Bahamas yacht charters offer virtually innumerable yacht packages, ranging from single day excursions to several-day tours. Several-day packages include sightseeing and other recreational opportunities, such as walking along the pearly beaches, swimming at deserted beaches, unwinding for a specially-prepared dinner or getting a glimpse of a local party scene.

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