Belgian Horse Riding

Interested in Belgian horse riding? Find out how the working horse is now being used for riding purposes.

Although the Belgian horse was initially bred for toiling in the farm lands in recent years it has come under the saddle. The Belgian horse has today become a popular riding horse that offers a totally different experience from riding the conventional stallion. So much so that Belgian horse riding has become one of the major tourist attractions of Belgium.

A number of top quality stables have been developed in Belgium that serve the purpose of stabling Belgian horses and also entertain visitors with horse bike rides and full time professional training.

Amongst the popular stables in Belgium is the world renowned Lord Newcastle Stables known for its trademark horsemanship services. Another popular Belgian horse stable is Greens Stable. Such stables have a host of recreational activities to offer to their guests.

Visitors to this stable and others take horse riding lessons at the hands of some of the finest professionals in the field. You will be able to avail lessons at all levels starting from beginners and going all the way to Olympic disciplines like side saddling and vaulting. By coming under the guidance of high standard professionals you will be able to maneuver the giant Belgian horse according to your will and progress further on your own.

Belgian Horse Riding Courses

If you haven’t got the time on your hands then you can go for a weekly class as per your convenience. Such courses help to increase knowledge as well as performance. Individuals looking to put in some more dedication can go for general and specialist courses.

The general equitation course is ideal for an all round rider looking to get a first hand experience of the Belgian horse. Specially formulated dressage courses help visitors to get their riding position correct on the horse’s back. If you want to get a little bit of everything to do with the Belgian horse then you can go for combined courses that include theory and practice as well.

Belgian Horse Riding on Holiday Trips

The country of Belgium has capitalized on the uniqueness of their native horse. They have set up various riding facilities that give tourists a chance to get up close and personal with the giant horse. Exploring the vast fields and beautiful hills on the back of the Belgian horse gives visitors a unique experience.

In recent years Belgian horse riding has picked up in countries other than Belgium. Not only have the neighboring European countries taken to Belgian horse back riding, it has also become popular in the United States.

The Belgian is by far the most popular variety of draft horses in the United where it is considered to be much of a show horse. Riding upon the Belgian takes you back to the the Middle Ages when the knights waging battle would charge into their enemy forces upon the backs of Belgian horses.

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