Belgian Malinois Breeders

Looking for Belgian malinois breeders in your area? Find out what you need to know when it comes to choosing a breeder for this wonderful dog.

The Belgian shepherd is known to be a loyal and brave guard dog. In recent years this breed has risen in popularity and people the world over are favoring it over the classic German shepherd. As a result you find many people looking for quality Belgian malinois.

To the deliverance of the Belgian Malinois seekers there are many specialist breeders involved in the rearing and training of these dogs. There are however lots of sensitivities involved with breeding which is why people looking to purchase this particular breed of dog need to know how to choose the right breeder.

Things to Consider

A quality breeder does not keep the dogs isolated and locked up in kennel runs outside the homes. Rather they are kept engaged with the people involved in the breeding process. If the dogs are happy and healthy and show a considerable amount of excitement when you meet them then take it as a sign that the breeder is a good one.

The breeder should also be willing to show you around the main area where the Belgian Malinois stays. A good breeder will have a clean and well maintained area for the dogs. Furthermore a good breeder will not be in a haste to sell you his dogs rather he would encourage you to spend some time with the pups and their parents in confidence.

Specialist Malinois breeders

If you are looking for a Belgian Malinois then make sure you go with a specialized breeder that deals only in this breed or at the most one other. Such breeders are more likely to be aware of the breed standards of the Belgian Malinois. This includes having sound knowledge of the desired characteristics of this particular breed of dog down to every detail concerning the coat, color, size, proportion and temperament.

Health Issues

One of the most important things that you need to ensure is that the breeder has a strong connection with a veterinarian. This is because it is very important to take the dog’s health into consideration. All recent visits to the vet should be documented and the breeder should provide you with a complete medical history of the dog along with any vaccinations required in the future.

Every breed has certain potential genetic problems that can be inherited down the line. A specialized breeder will be able to inform you regarding these concerns and will provide you with documented proof that the line of Belgian Malinois bred under his care are free from those defects. There are different organizations that conduct these tests on dogs and provide attested proof regarding the dog’s condition.

Professional Belgian Malinois breeders will be able to provide you with quality tips and guidance regarding the care and training of the pups that you purchase and should be more than willing to offer you any assistance in the future.

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