Belgian Waffle Makers

Interested in Belgian waffle makers? Find out about the different kinds of Belgian makers available in the market today.

Belgian waffles have been around for ages. The waffle maker is an indispensible tool required to make waffles at home. The first home made Belgian waffle maker was developed in 1911 and since then they have experienced remarkable popularity the world over.

If you are interested in making waffles then you need to have the right kind of waffle maker as having the right tool makes a lot of difference. Although there are many different kinds of waffle makers the Belgian version is by far the most popular and there is big reason behind that and that is the fact that you can enjoy Belgian style waffles.

Belgian waffle maker by Villaware

Today Belgian waffle makers are easily available in the market. Villaware is one of the leading brands involved in the production of Belgian waffle makers. They have specially engineered Belgian waffle makers that enable the user to control the temperature. This helps to prepare waffles according to your preferences. They even offer a wonderful waffle making recipe book along with their product. With a Villaware Belgian waffle maker in your home you will be able to enjoy great Belgian waffles for a long time to come as these machines are very durable and highly reliable.

These special Belgian waffle makers are embedded with a non-stick coating grid which makes the job a whole lot easier especially for first timers. They have indicator lights to tell you the status of the machine.

Chef’s Choice Belgian waffle makers

Chef’s Choice is another renowned company involved in the production of Belgian waffles. The Belgian Waffle Pro is one of the top notch products from this company. Using this top quality machine you will end up with a delicious waffle in a matter of minutes. The Taste Select button gives you the freedom to choose the kind of waffle that you want to prepare.

This Belgian waffle maker is made using stainless steel and has a very durable structure.  The machine is available in distinct sizes with the commercial unit being larger than the home use unit.

The unit is composed of a grid that enables you to bake four waffles at the same time. The waffle maker allows you to control the baking time and temperature letting you customize the nature of your waffles. So you can use the taste select feature to create a crisp, uniformed or moist waffle.

Another unique feature of the product is the rotating color adjust dial that lets you choose the baking temperature. The unit is also fitted with a digital timer which lets you keep track of the baking time. Like most of the modern day Belgian waffle makers this too has a non stick interior.

The Compact Pro Belgian Flip Waffler

As the name suggests this particular waffle maker will get you baking like the professionals. The machine is able to bake some top quality fluffy waffles. The unique thing about this machine is that it lets you flip the waffle in the middle of the baking process.

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