Bulgarian Ski Destinations

Are you considering enjoying a Bulgarian ski holiday at one of the many resorts? Do you want to learn about the different ski destinations popular amongst travellers? Read our guide for more facts and information…


In the southwest region of the country about 160km south of the capital of Sofia is Bansko, which is considered to be the most modern ski centre in the region. The resort has undergone radical changes from its initial inception with the construction of new hotels, new ski lodges, a gondola lift and new facilities in general all of which improve the travellers experience. The resort can be a destination all by itself; however, the city outside the modern confines offers many historical sites and a chance to experience life of a small Bulgarian town. The landscape that Bansko offers travellers is astounding as the town is situated at the base of the Pirin Mountain at 925m above sea level; it is also possible to view the nearby river Glazane. The skiing in Bansko is exceptional as the resort offers the longest ski season and also has the best recorded snow record.


In contrast to Bansko the destination of Borovets is the oldest resort in Bulgaria with its establishment in 1896. Borovets is located in the northern part of the Mousala Ridge in the Rila Mountains; in regards to travel concerns the location is close to the larger cities of Samokov and Sofia.  The mild climate of the region allows lots of snow to accumulate while skiers are able to enjoy the experience without the bitter cold common at many skiing areas. The resort also features cross country trails in addition to the typical downhill tracks; this feature allows Borovets to host many international events such as the World Cup. It may also be comforting for some travellers to know that because of the long history at Borovets the resort is well equipped to accommodate foreign tourists creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.


The destination Chepelare is close to the city of Plovdiv and is nestled in the heart of the Rodoppi Mountain. The resort is surrounded by fir trees, mountains, and picturesque scenery in the quaint towns. Chepelare allows for the exploration of old traditions as the town has many old churches allowing visitors to discover the culture of Bulgaria.  The resort has basic infrastructure in comparison to some of the larger resorts; however, the long runs are beautiful and because of the minimal infrastructure the price is reduced. It may also be a good destination if you are uninterested in impersonal resorts and prefer to stay in one out of a selection of small private hotels.


Pamporovo offers travellers the southern skiing experience and it should be unsurprising then that this resort is the sunniest in Bulgaria. The resort is an exceptional place for those new to the skiing experience although those with experience will also enjoy their stay. Pamporovo not only offers a wonderful skiing experience but also many local places to visit as well as a very helpful staff who are fluent in many languages helping to assist travellers from all over the world.

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