Blue Burmese Glass

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If the look of Burmese glass appeals to you but the colors do not, you can always choose to go with Fenton Blue Burmese. Gold is used to create a pink hue similar to that of the Burmese glass but the traditional cream is replaced by a light, breezy blue. This unique color combination makes each piece a sight to behold. Glass pieces in this enchanting color make perfect gifts for even the most finicky people.

Whether it may be the 8” tall cabernet blush design painted on a blue Burmese vase with 22 karat gold accents to enhance the beautifully painted grapes or the reminiscent of a summer breeze touching the tops of wild flowers painted on a 11” Fenton blue Burmese vase, every piece carries the expertise of the Fenton family’s century in the glass business.

The marvelous pieces of Fenton blue Burmese are not restricted to vases alone and you can find almost anything you want from collectible lamps to ewers. A particularly graceful ewer that comes to mind is the 8 ½” floral cameo ewer, which is not only graced with intricate details of a flower motive but also has raised enamel pearls that give it a cameo look. The finishing touches to this gorgeous piece are added by using 22 karats of gold to add a trimming to the motive and the pearls.

Fenton blue Burmese glass is also molded into pitchers, which make even drinking water fit for a king. These pitchers make fabulous decoration pieces, especially the 6 ½ vintner sand carved pitcher. It belongs to the Studio Fenton Collection of 2007 and is a special edition piece. Not only will it look gorgeous gracing any table in your house but it will also become more valued as the years progress.
Another must have pitcher in the Fenton Blue Burmese collection is the blue Burmese Dragonfly pitcher. What sets this piece apart from the rest is that it was created to commemorate Fenton’s 100th anniversary in 2005. This gorgeous pitcher was made with pure gold and given a very artistic French curl handle. The beautiful dragonfly on the pitcher is not only hand-painted but is also decorated with colored stones and completed with 22 karats of gold used to accent the fabulous design.

If pitchers are not something you want to display in your house, you can always choose from either the Fenton blue Burmese bridesmaid doll or Dottie, the snow lady. Both these unorthodox pieces offer the splendor of blue Burmese glass, without being the usual decorative pieces. The bridesmaid doll has delicate flower patterns, which have been painstakingly painted by the artist. The snow lady, on the other hand, may not have the exclusive hand-painting but this signed piece of blue Burmese glass can make an excellent Christmas gift.

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