Burmese Jade Bangles

Interested in buying Burmese Jade Bangles? Read on to find out more about how to find the perfect Burmese jade bangle for yourself…

Anyone having even the slightest bit of experience in buying Burmese jade bangles or any other type of Burmese jade jewelry will know that they are very expensive. Thus making up your mind about what kind of bangle you would buy can be a very overwhelming task.
What makes buying jade bangles even trickier is the wide variety of bangles available. Here are the few important points that one should keep in mind while deciding to buy Burmese jade bangles:

Translucency or Transparency:

The jade used to make the bangle in question should be translucent. Translucency is one of the most important factors that determines the quality of this gem. The best Burmese jade will be semi-transparent. Look out for opaque colored gems, as well as cloudy pieces of jade, as this will greatly decrease the value of the gem.


Just like all other gems, the jade should be clear, i.e. it should not have defects which distract you from the stone itself. These may be the imperfections that devoid the entire stone from light, making it seem murkier. Also some jades, as a result some Burmese jade bangles too, have mineral deposits that may make the stones look like they are spotted with dark green, black or brown. As a rule of thumb, if you can spot an imperfection in your Burmese jade bangle with the naked eye, the jade used was not of the highest quality.
Other defects to look for in your Burmese jade bangles are fractures. These may be healed or unhealed and will greatly impact on the value of the bangle. However, almost all jades have tiny feathers that can be seen if put under the scrutiny of a microscope.

Exception to the Rules:

Ironically, even if a jade bangle has imperfections but is perfectly translucent, it will be considered a gem of very high quality and its value will be considerably higher than expected. Therefore it is essential for every potential jade bangle buyer to be acquainted with the translucency of jade, to avoid being deceived into buying a defected piece.

Now that the basics are done with, you should know what options you have in terms of color when buying Burmese jade bangles.
Contrary to common belief, jade comes in many colors other then the green that everyone associates with the gem. You can choose from a list of vibrant crimsons, tranquil greens, enchanting lavenders, peaceful whites and even happy yellows.

Furthermore, if you are fonder of color than the average person but you can only buy a single Burmese jade bangle then you should opt for naturally occurring mixes from Mother Nature’s palate.

Burmese jades have the uncanny ability of merging color in a way that your Burmese jade bangles will look like they were hand painted for you specifically, whether they be a mix of emerald green with an amethyst lavender touch or apple green with grass green shades, these beautiful bangles will ensure that your wrist never goes out of style.

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