Canadian Canoes

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The rapidly flowing rivers of the Canadian wilderness made the navigation of the waters a distinctly difficult task. Native American dwellers of the Canadian boreal forests dug out the bark of birch trees to make a hollow large enough to fit one man. With tapered ends and a flat paddle, the Canadian canoe or kayak enabled the original inhabitants of Canada to maneuver the rapids with ease.

Nowadays you could purchase a Canadian canoe online from specialist stores that stock a variety of canoes for recreational and sporting purposes. White water rafting is a splendid sport which requires a sturdy canoe and excellent navigational skills. Canoes can be custom built from the finest hard wood like cedar and white ash.

Should you decide that you’d like to take up canoe building as a hobby, there are Canadian canoe building courses available, working with woodstrip-epoxy to make lasting canoes. The quality and finishing of the canoes will be enviable and the watercraft will withstand the roughest treatment in the Canadian rivers. Canoe building classes will normally see a team of five or six persons working on a single canoe. The courses run for approximately a week.

Canadian Canoe Museum

The Canadian canoe museum is situated in the town of Peterborough in Ontario, Canada. This canoe museum is the only one of its kind in North America and was originally called the Kanawa Museum. The royal patron of the museum is Prince Andrew. The museum holds the largest collection of canoe exhibits in the world numbering more than 600.

The Canadian canoe museum attempts to depict how the canoe has shaped the Canadian spirit and character. If you visit the museum, go to the Preserving Skills Gallery where you can build a birch bark canoe. The canoe museum exhibits will enthrall you with its ability to take you back in time to the fur trade era and help you get a feel of life as a voyageur during that historic Canadian period.

You can purchase a Canadian canoe online or even attend a canoe building course to make your own canoe. The end product is a sturdy watercraft that will likely traverse the rapid waters of Canadian rivers. You can even try building a birch tree canoe at the Canadian canoe museum in Peterborough, Ontario.

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