Walking in Spain

Are you planning on doing some walking while on holiday in Spain? Want to know when & where the best walking places in Spain are? Here we’ve given you the information you should know before you go walking in Spain.

Spain covers a wide variety of terrains within its borders making it a great place for walking.  Walking routes in Spain vary from the mountainous terrain of the Pyrenees to coastal walking areas along the Costa Brava in Spain. Whether you’re seriously into long walking trips across difficult terrain or simply want to do some relaxing walking while on holiday, Spain will have something for you.

Walking routes in Spain

Walking routes in Spain are generally given one of two designations; short walking routes or long walking routes. Long distance walking trails in Spain often follow ancient routes used by the Romans or early Christian pilgrims.  Long walking trails in Spain are distinguished from short walking trails by markers painted red and white at various points along the walking route.  Walking trails in Spain are technically supposed to be maintained by the local authorities although in reality this is often not a top priority. This means that some walking trails in Spain may not be kept very well and are often overgrown with weeds. The tourist office in Spain should be able to provide maps that detail a list of different walking routes throughout Spain, accompanied by pertinent information such as difficulty of terrain.

Walking regions in Spain

Spain’s diverse terrain and climates make for interesting walking and almost every region of Spain has something unique to offer the visitor wanting to do some walking. Andalusia is a popular walking destination in Spain during the spring and autumn months when the weather is moderate. Andalusia in Spain even has a vast national park called the Sierra Nevada in which some of its walking trails are situated. One can even partake in some bird watching or spot some of Spain’s many animal species whilst walking in these national parks. In the summer, however, Andalusia’s southern latitude makes it far too hot for walking under the sun and this is when most people in Spain wishing to do some walking escape to the North of Spain. The Basque region of Spain is particularly popular for walking during the summer months because of its picturesque landscape and comparatively cooler weather. The Pyrenees also provide good walking in the north of Spain and serious walking enthusiasts can begin at the Atlantic and finish at the Mediterranean by walking across the Pyrenees in Spain.

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