Canadian Fly In Fishing

Are you interested in the outdoor experience of Canadian fly in fishing? Do you want to know what to bring on a Canadian fly in fishing trip? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Modern life has become very chaotic and for many individuals an adventure into the Canadian wilderness is the perfect escape. Canadian fly in fishing trips allow travelers to escape into the heart of the Canadian wilderness and into remote locations through planes. Canadian fly in fishing trips allow travelers to enjoy a vacation without the stress or amenities of modern life including television, cell phones, and computers. Companies that offer fly in fishing trips offer travelers the chance to experience nature, while the company focuses on any potential worries.

Canadian fly in fishing trips offer a variety of lengths to experience the Canadian outdoors. Many companies traditionally offer 4 to 7 days trips, although shorter or longer trips are usually available upon request. Some companies also have single day trips for those who want to experience nature but can’t be away for long. It is also important to note that many companies ask for a reservation payment to confirm your Canadian fly in fishing trip. It may also be of interest to many future travelers that when choosing a company to book with some companies offering a complete outdoor experience where you camp outdoors where as others offer lodges and cabins on site. A Canadian fly in fishing trip, no matter what variant you select, ensures a unique opportunity to experience a vacation without everyday pressures.

What to Bring

Canadian fly in fishing trips take travelers into remote locations across Canada so it is important to ensure that you bring what you will need for the duration of your stay; to help with the packing process many companies offer very detailed supply check lists. Canadian fly in fishing trips are isolated and are accessed only by plane, because of this each company outlines weight restrictions for luggage which usually ranges from 100 to 150 pounds and the bags should be checked in advance. It is also of note that while some companies provide food on site others have the travelers bring their own food which may need to be flown in, in advance. Canadian fly in fishing trips also mean that travelers experience various kinds of weather and should bring clothing for various conditions. It is also recommended to bring a flashlight, bug repellent, and a camera along with many other materials to ensure you have the most enjoyable trip possible.

Things to Know

When planning a Canadian fly in fishing trip there are various locations across Canada that you can select to travel to; some of the most popular locations are located in Manitoba, Ontario and British Columbia. It is also important to consider the fishing season of the species you are interested in as trout, walleye, northern pike and bass are available along with other species. For those looking to experience Canadian fly fishing, fishing licenses are required whether you are a resident of Canada or an outside visitor. It may also be of note that many companies require a catch and release policy which prohibits the capture of trophy fish and also means that caught fish cannot be brought home. Many companies that offer fly in fishing trips recommend the use of bait to ease the fishing process and they encourage minnows, leeches, and crawlers. It may also ease many travelers’ minds to know that despite experiencing nature in its purest form, satellite phones are available in case of emergency.

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