Chinese Fireball Dragon

Find out about the fire breathing dragon known as the Chinese fireball dragon and how it has risen to popularity all around the world in modern times.

The dragon takes on many forms in China. One of the more popular dragons is the Chinese fireball dragon. This amazing mythological creature is also known as the Liondragon and is solely a creation native to the country of China.

The fireball dragon is different from the ordinary dragon known as Long dragon. This version of the dragon sports a scarlet color and the scales on its body are rather smooth. Around the face of the fireball dragon are golden spikes which are reminiscent of a lion’s mane.

The snout of the fireball dragon is stubby and it is designed in such a manner that it has large protruding eyes. The nose of the fireball dragon is seen releasing a mushroom shaped flame and this is where the dragon gets its name from. It releases the flame when it is provoked and gets angry.

Female fireball dragons

According to the Chinese the female fireball dragon is larger in size than the male. It lays eggs that are crimson in color and have specks of gold scattered all over their surface. The legend that surrounds the story of the Chinese fireball dragon tells us that the shells of the eggs of the dragon are desperately sought after by wizards. The fireball dragon feeds on mammals and its favorite items on the menu are big and juicy pigs and human beings!

In general dragons are known not to get along with each other. The fireball dragon however gets along just fine with other members of its own kind. They work together on the basis of mutual consent and you may very well find them sharing their territory with others in mutual friendship.

The rise of fireball dragon in today’s times

Although the Chinese fireball dragon is an ancient mythological creature from the Chinese culture it has managed to receive new found glory today. The reason behind this is its appearance in the novel turned box office hit movie flick of the stories of Harry Potter.

The series of books written by J.K Rowling was turned into a movie which made it very big all across the globe. The books feature the dragon and it was depicted in the movie version as well. This has resulted in the world not only learning about this ancient element of Chinese culture but many children have become fascinated by the fireball dragon.

After years of dormancy you will now be able to find a wide range of fireball dragon arts and crafts in the market. The Chinese have been quick to realize the money making potentials that have arisen as a result of the popularity that this particular version of the dragon has released. To cash in on the trend they have brought the fireball dragon to the forefront in many different forms thereby attracted the masses that have developed an interest in the dragon.

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