Canadian Geese Repellent

Need to get rid of the geese flooding your property? One popular and effective method lately has been the use of Canadian Geese repellent. Read on for more information on Canadian Geese repellents that you can use…

You’ve probably noticed the increase in Canadian Geese lately. They’re everywhere. Being a relatively brave bird, they aren’t afraid to move into densely human populated areas. As long as there’s a water source nearby and sufficient grass for grazing, chances are that they’ll be there. Your own backyard may have become the home to a gaggle of them. If so, you also know how messy they can be. You can’t hardly take a step without your foot landing in goose droppings. Canadian geese are also dangerous. Like I said, they’re brave compared to most birds and they won’t hesitate to attack your pet, child, or even you if they feel threatened.

That’s why many people are looking for ways to rid themselves of these birds. Now, you can buy a dog to fend them off, place decoys of coyotes, wolves, and dead geese around your yard, plant shrubs right in front and surrounding your pond or stream, or you can spray a little goose repellent. All of these options are effective, but the latter is often the most efficient.

How to Use Canadian Geese Repellent

The concept behind Canadian Geese Repellents is simple. Geese eat grass. If you want them to leave your property, a really simple way to get them to do that is to make your grass taste bad to them. Treating your lawn with goose repellent does that. There are a variety of brands using a variety of ingredients, but they all work basically the same way. You apply a non-toxic substance, often a grape derivative, to your grass so that it doesn’t bother humans, but tastes horrible to geese.

You can spray the repellent on your entire property if you feel you need to, but this is often unnecessary. You can make the repellent go further if you only apply it to key areas or in a checker type pattern. What I mean is that if you notice the birds are only eating the grass around your pond on the stream bank, spray that area and see if they get the message. If not, spray your lawn in a lined or checkered pattern. You don’t need to hit every blade of grass. The geese will taste enough that it won’t be worth their time to try to figure which spots are good and which aren’t. They’ll just leave for better grazing grounds somewhere else.

Re-Application of Canadian Geese Repellent

Most goose repellent is simply used as a coating to the grass and does not actually soak into the roots of the plant. This means that you will probably need to reapply the repellent after every rain or grass-cutting.

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