Hiking in Hungary

Are you going on holiday to Hungary? Perhaps you’re looking forward to doing some hiking in Hungary? Our hiking guide to Hungary gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Although Hungary is only an average sized country, it has a wealth of beautiful natural areas, many of which provide excellent opportunities for hiking. Hungary incorporates a rich diversity of different terrains and landscapes from the hills and mountains in the northern uplands of Hungary, to the flat and low lying ground of the Great Plain that spreads across central and eastern Hungary. Whatever you’re preference, Hungary should have something to full fill your hiking desires.

Hiking in forests in Hungary

Hungary has quite extensive and often very beautiful forests within its borders which are a great place to do some hiking. In addition to the varied animals and birds in Hungary, many of which you’ll see in the forests, the terrain and climate in the forest is really quite pleasant and conducive to hiking. There are three main forests in Hungary which are popular with hiking enthusiasts from both Hungary and abroad. These are Visegrad, Esztergom and Badaesony forests located in the north and west of Hungary.

Hiking at national parks in Hungary

Hungary has several natural areas that are officially designated as national parks which allow visitors to go hiking on them, however; two national parks in Hungary are especially popular with hiking fans whp also go camping in Hungary. These are the Bugac Puszta and Bukk Hills national parks, both of which are easily accessible from the capital Budapest. These national parks have well marked hiking trails to suit hikers of different fitness levels and ability. Hiking trails in Hungary are usually marked by blotches of paint on trees, which while not being especially hi tech, is nonetheless visible.

Hiking maps for Hungary

If you plan on doing a fair amount of hiking while in Hungary, its worthwhile investing in some good hiking maps for those areas in Hungary you intend to visit. The Hungarian tourist Office can recommend the best place for you to purchase special hiking maps which have on them colour coded hiking trails. Colours are assigned to hiking trails on the basis of length and difficulty and can be red, blue, yellow or green. If you plan to do some cycling in Hungary you can also buy cycling maps.

Hiking and accommodation in Hungary

The ease with which you are likely to find accommodation on hiking trails in Hungary depends on how remote the area in which you are hiking is. For example on the Great Plain it may be very difficult to find suitable accommodation if you’re doing a hiking trip that’s likely to last several days. Your best hiking accommodation option in such cases is to camp, however, be aware that unauthorised camping anywhere in Hungary is not allowed.

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