Canadian Goose Decoys

Want to buy Canada goose decoys? There are several types of Canadian geese decoy. Read on for facts and information…

Canada Goose decoys are available in a variety of forms and have become extremely popular over the years. The reason for this is that many of the new decoys have become very realistic and attract geese, waterfowls and ducks to the fields in a higher number. Due to their success in pulling a large number of birds to the hunting area, full body goose and duck decoys have become extremely popular and are in large demand.

Buying Canadian Geese Decoys

The current range of decoys in market is highly impressive and available in packs of multiple birds with different decoy positions. The high-quality decoys feature highly realistic colors and markings on the body of the birds. Apart from the flocked heads, the necks are created with a lot of attention to detail because this is the most important aspect in getting the best result from the entire spread of the decoy. The feather detail also counts a lot when you’re creating a goose decoy. When buying Canada goose decoys you should consider one more important factor which is creating the right decoy spread of the decoy geese in order to attract the attention of highflying birds. It is important to use a large spread in order to attract birds like the Canada Geese and Snow Geese who normally pass over hunting grounds at a great height and will need to spot a large pool of deep water to attract their attention and convince them to land in your field. Therefore you would like to look for a supplier who can provide you with Canada goose decoys which are dutifully crafted, realistic and reasonable. You can add more realism to your Canadian goose decoy spread by adding different waterfowl and birds to the collection and making it more realistic. Because you will have to cover a large hunting ground during your Canadian goose hunting trip, it is best to get light crafted decoys which you can transport and those which are crafted with the material that can withstand extreme weather conditions and be an essential part to your Canada goose hunt.

Types of Canada Goose Decoy

The most common positions of the Canada goose decoys are that of the Sentry and the feeding goose. The sentry is the bird that looks up and around the surrounding area keeping a watch while the other feeding goose enjoys the grains. This is the normal formation of birds on ground and is replicated very nicely with high quality decoys. The common materials used to create the base product line is urethane foam and commonly the decoys are cast in an expandable high density urethane foam. This is quite an expensive process but well worth it. Using this material results in the creation of decoys which are very strong, durable and do not sink in the water. Apart from this there is enough weight in the decoy to let it coast the surface of the water body like a real bird would.

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