Chinese Herbs for Hair Growth

Interested in Chinese herbs for hair growth? Read on to find out about the most popular Chinese herbs used for the purpose of promoting hair growth.

If you are looking for a natural remedy to rejuvenate your falling hair then traditional Chinese medicine has the answer for you. The Chinese have long discovered herbs that can help enhance hair growth in human beings. Today these herbal remedies are readily available in the market.

Some of the most popular Chinese herbs for hair growth are as follows:

Goto Kola

This is a classic Chinese herb that was discovered to be beneficial for the purpose of treating male pattern baldness as well as hair loss that comes with age. Some of the brands based on Goto Kola have testaments of users that have managed to retain a head full of hair well into their old age. Amongst the popular herbal products based on Goto kola are the Taoist “immortals” and the Chinese centenarians.

The best thing about Chinese herbs is that they do not only help you with the problem at hand rather they also work to give you numerous other health benefits. Goto Kola is known to help enhance memory, blood circulation and wound healing while providing relief from anxiety, cognitive enhancement, edema and insomnia.

Recent scientific tests conducted on Goto Kola have brought to light its amazing benefits related to hair growth. Doctors are sure that this particular Chinese herb is going to be the next big thing when it comes to hair growth Chinese herbs.


This popular Chinese herb makes it to the list for a wide variety of ailments and hair growth is just one of the areas where Ginseg works its wonders. It has long been established that Ginseg is useful for the treatment of hair loss along with male pattern baldness. How it actually promotes hair growth is not clearly known but it has been shown to bear fruits. Chinese medical texts make great mention of Ginseg as a herbal remedy to promote hair growth.


This particular Chinese herb has become famous in recent years as being an effective measure for promoting hair growth. Although no scientific proof for Foti as a hair growth agent exists it has still managed to make its way into the homes of many people looking for a head full of healthy hair.

According to Chinese traditional medicine a man’s sexual health also has a great role to play when it comes to head hair. Generally a full head of hair is taken as a sign of the individual possessing high sexual energy. Foti is a herb that is used to increase libido in men and by doing so it effects the hair growth.

Whereas Chinese herbs are considered to be highly effective when it comes to promoting hair growth, Chinese medicine places great emphasis on regulating your diet to get healthy hair. A diet that consists of fish, vegetables and grains is encouraged along with the use of Chinese herbs for hair growth.

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