Canadian Nightcrawlers

Looking for Canadian nightcrawlers? Want to know about all the different ways of catching nightcrawlers available? Read our guide for more information on catching the right nightcrawler for you…

Canadian nightcrawlers are large earthworms that are typically used as fishing bait. The length of a Canadian nightcrawler can measure up to 14 inches when fully stretched. They are a favorite of fishermen who find the worms are able to remain writhing on the fish hooks even after being submerged in water for up to 5 minutes. Nightcrawlers are particularly useful as bait for catching large sea bass, trout and other forms of fresh water fish.

Canadian nightcrawlers are usually kept refrigerated until required as fish bait because nightcrawlers cannot survive in temperatures that exceed 18 degrees Celcius. Most of the nightcrawlers are found in the Ontario province of Canada. Nightcrawlers are harvested by hunters who wear head lamps at night and scavenge for the worms in fields and yards after a good rainfall. As the nightcrawlers are only on the surface during the night and especially soggy earth, the best time to search for the worms is during a light drizzle.

Catching Canadian Nightcrawlers

When you’re out catching night crawlers, make sure your head lamp is a muted yellow or red light. Canadian night crawlers are highly light sensitive and will likely wriggle back into their holes when bright head lamps shine on them. The nightcrawlers have part of their body firmly in the earth and only about half of the worm can be seen on the surface. It’s important to have a strong grip on the night crawler when you’re pulling it out, Hence it’s advisable to dip your hands in sawdust first. With prices for 1,000 nightcrawlers ranging between $25 to $40, you could easily earn $500 for one evening’s messy work.

The buyers of Canadian nightcrawlers are often also at the location of the hunt. They’ll supply you with a can to store the nightcrawlers in. If you’re a good nightcrawler catcher, buyers may offer you a better deal on the catch and possibly supply you the equipment you’ll need for your nocturnal hunting endeavors.

Canadian nightcrawlers make excellent fish bait and are prized by fishermen for their length and vitality under water. You could be a nightcrawler catcher and earn a handsome reward for your efforts at current prices. Be sure to enjoy poking around in a soggy field in the rain to find your prey!


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