Canadian Quilt Shops

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Quilts have always been a favorite in Canadian bedrooms since the days of the fur trade. Quilts were traditionally made by women working at home who made quilts for their bedding at home and rarely on a commercial basis. With the passage of time, quilting took on a more commercial hue as the production and sale of quilts became profitable in Canada. With growing demand, Canadian quilt shops have flourished throughout Canada and serve a growing clientele at stores as well as online.

Numerous Canadian quilt shops now have their own website from where you could browse a range of attractive quilts to suit your taste. Full scale pictures of the quilts can be downloaded for review and information on the fabric and sewing technique is included to assist you in making an informed decision about your purchase. The quilt patterns have an astonishingly wide variety and can even resemble the design of Persian carpets.

When you purchase your quilt online, Canadian quilt shops will deliver the package to anywhere within the country at local rates. Some quilt shops offer international sales. You should check with the store’s returns policy should you find that your quilt does not meet the quality expected when you receive the final product.

Sewing A Canadian Quilt

If you’re keen on sewing your own quilt, there are Canadian quilt shops that stock the entire range of quilt fabrics, sewing patterns and thread colors that you’ll need to complete your ensemble. You could choose from their online catalogue of attractive designs and order your material through their website. Delivery is normally by courier and a reasonable charge is imposed for packing and distribution costs. You could even sign up for the quilt making classes that some Canadian quilt shops run to learn the tricks of sewing an extraordinarily beautiful quilt for your bedroom.

Having a quilt on your bed is an attractive addition to your bedroom furnishing. You could purchase a beautiful quilt from one of the many Canadian quilt shops that have an online presence. You could even take quilt sewing classes and make your own quilt. Purchase all the material that you need from one shop so that you get a good discount!

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