Guided Canada Goose Duck Hunting

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Guided Canada Goose Hunts in New York is extremely popular when the duck season starts in October in the localities of Maryland, Delaware, New York and Virginia. The Snow geese, ducks and Canada geese start to show up during the last week of August and remain in this area till winter is over. Every year there is a host of ducks and geese in this area and the population doesn’t seem to be dwindling any time soon. The guided field hunts for duck and geese takes up during the first week of September and within an area covering one hundred thousand acres of private land you can simply imagine the amount of puddle duck, Canada goose hunts & snow goose hunts that can be conducted on an area of this size. The greater Snow geese weigh around 7 to 10 pounds and are available in limited regions. There are many beautiful sites in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the Western upstate New York area which have a diverse selection of waterfowl waiting for hunters to retrieve them during the hunt. There are so many different varieties of duck and goose making this region home to the best collection of waterfowl in the country and it is completely a heart throbbing moment when the decoy rig is assaulted by Giant Canadas, Gadwall, Woody’s, Blacks, Old Squaw and bluebills among others.

Geese Hunting Outfitters

You have the choice of selecting hunting grounds like bays, saltwater marshes, potholes, cypress swamps and even highland creeks. You can customize a three Day waterfowl hunt or a guided Canada goose hunt in New York and surrounding areas. Choosing a good hunting organizer is the key to a quality hunting experience which can be remembered for a long time. You can hunt the grain fields for ducks or the greater snow and giant Canada geese in the comfort of layout blinds which are high and dry and extremely comfortable because they are free of saltwater and sloppy mud.

Guided Duck Hunting

With the amount of ducks and geese available in this area you will be enthralled when you experience the sounds and cackling flock of ducks and geese. Most of the hunts are conducted in a legal and natural manner from the blind over water, soybean, corn, alfalfa or wheat fields. Most conventional hunters use large decoy rigs which have realistic birds mounted with full bodies, windsocks and shells. It is essential for a successful hunt that hunters use the techniques of championship calling and flagging which has resulted in capturing and hunting the alert and elusive Canada Goose. In order to enjoy your experience of guided Canada goose hunts in New York you must have proper ammunition like 12 gauge shot guns along with number one or larger shells for the goose hunt.  Clothing should be camouflage material or brown hunting coat and hat. You should have layered clothing to ensure warmth and comfort in the late hunting season closer to winter.

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