Native American Pawn Jewelry

Want to buy Native American Pawn Jewelry? Looking for exquisite pawn jewelry of Native American origins? Read our guide to get the facts and info you require…

Old Pawn jewelry has been worn and treasured by Native Americans for centuries. There is no doubt about the brilliant appeal of this kind of jewelry however the Natives had other reasons to wear Old Pawn jewelry. The jewelry served as a portable investment in real terms whereas on the other hand they believed Old Pawn jewelry to bring them good health.

It is interesting to know where this kind of jewelry gets its name from. Basically since the Native Americans did not have banks to keep their wealth they made turquoise jewelry out of it. They could sell it off at pawn shops or keep it as collateral when taking a loan. This kind of jewelry was considered to be “family property” and all efforts were made to keep the jewelry in the possession of the family. When the elders of a particular family would pass away the jewelry items would then be pawned and the money received in return would then be distributed amongst the family members according to tribal laws.

Buying Genuine Native American Pawn Jewelry

Interested individuals today can get their hands on Native American Pawn that has been collected from far and wide. While most of the pawn jewelry available in the market has actually been pawned other items have been sold, stolen, lost or taken away by some means or the other. This kind of jewelry is purchased by individuals with particular interest in the Native American heritage although on the other hand they seem to have a timeless appeal that works well with those individuals looking for something out of the box.

The majority of old pawn jewelry is actually turquoise jewelry. The various online sources that deal in this kind of jewelry will also provide you with a little bit of history regarding the origins of that particular item.

Native American Pawn Jewelry Fraud

There is however major fraud in the market when it comes to Native American pawn jewelry. Some shady practitioners actually compile cheap imported jewelry modeled on ancient Native American concepts and sell it as old pawn jewelry to make a few quick bucks. Some one with little knowledge can easily get deceived by such websites.

Those dealing in original Native American pawn jewelry often sell it as it is. This means that they will not polish it before selling it nor will they remove the wear signs. Furthermore pawn jewelry is identified by certain marks that were placed on them by the family that owned them and the tribe that they belonged to.

The collection of old pawn Native American jewelry consists of many different items including but not limited to turquoise necklaces, silver necklaces, ivory earrings, inlay squash blossom rings and squash blossom necklaces. These items are available in sets as well as individually. Furthermore you will be able to find Native American pawn jewelry for women as well as men.

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