Antique China Hutch

Interested in buying an antique china hutch? Discover this traditional piece of furniture that is a popular classic item to add to any interior décor…

The china hutch is a unique cabinet that has been around for ages. This traditional piece of furniture is popular even today as it has timeless beauty with regards to accentuating the interior of a home. Although there are many contemporary designs available in the market today, the antique china hutch has its own brilliance.

China hutches are made using many different kinds of building materials and are available in different designs. As of antique tradition, the walnut china cabinet has been one of the most popular varieties through time. Constructed in ingenious design decorated with simplistic lines the antique walnut china hutch has its own charm.

The antique hutch has versatile uses. On the one end it serves as an interior accentuating item whereas it can also be used as a storage cabinet and a book shelf. Primarily though, it serves the purpose of a display stand that allows you to display your chinaware and other collectable items.

Another exciting feature of the antique china hutch is the use of glass doors. The size of the glass doors vary according to the design ranging from small to exceptionally large. Surrounding the glass door is heavily decorated hardware that further accentuates the design.

Detailed carving is another trademark feature of the antique china hutch cabinet. The carving displays the exceptional skill of the craftsmen and gives the piece of furniture its stately touch. Carved floral garlands are amongst the most popular themes used to decorate the china hutch.

The antique china hutch has characteristic legs that are turned towards the back. The legs on the china hutch are usually short yet they give the cabinet a distinctive look and are hard to miss.

Sections of the china hutch

The traditional china hutch has two separate sections. The bottom half is a cupboard or cabinet like structure. It can have drawers or shelves with a cabinet like door. These doors are wooden as the contents behind the doors are meant to be concealed.

Decked on top of the storage compartment is the display shelf. This area can be composed of different kinds of shelves ranging from one, two, three or more shelves depending upon the design. They may be one length from the right to left whereas other designs may feature vertical divisions as well.

This area is used to display chinaware and other collectable items. Most often you will find this top compartment to have glass doors. The use of glass doors helps to keep the contents safe while at the same time the display items can be seen. In other designs the court cupboard is not shielded with glass doors rather they have an open design.

In order to enhance the display the top compartment is given a glass back. This allows light to enter in and reflect off the glass thereby enhancing the display. A true antique china hutch will incorporate all the above mentioned elements as of tradition.

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