Antique Roslyn Bone China

Nowadays, one of the highly valued antiques is Roslyn Bone China. Roslyn was a trade name used by an English company which was also known as Reid and Co. This company was established in 1913 and manufactured beautiful wares such as tea cups, saucers,

The Roslyn bone china base was located in Longton which is a district in Staffordshire, England. Staffordshire had always produced excellent bone china products but Roslyn among them was considered to be the best manufacturer. Manufacturing these lovely pieces of art took a huge amount of time and patience. Extremely talented craftsmen worked with a lot of precision. They ground, mixed and shaped the raw material with their hands. After the materials hardened, they hand painted each product to give them an eye soothing look.

Roslyn bone china is made from porcelain. The Chinese in the ancient times researched porcelain and brought the best results out of the ceramic material. Porcelain can be categorized into three categories; hard paste, soft paste and bone china. Out of these, bone china has been proved to be the toughest. Bone china was formulated by a man named Josiah Spode II.

As the name indicates, bone china actually comprises of the ingredients to make porcelain and animal bone dust or bone ash. This mixture baked at very high temperature fuses to form this bone china. The Roslyn manufacturers knew the correct ratio of this mix and match and made the best quality wares.

Bone China Variety

They mainly specialized in making tea cups and saucers with intricate designs and beautiful patterns of flowers, leaves etc.  They generally came in sets of three and six and were sometimes custom made according to the orders. Some of these were even enameled with pure gold which made them even more unique. A remarkable piece of work by the company Roslyn is the Queen Elizabeth II coronation cup and saucer. The cups measures 2 7/8th of an inch tall and 3 inches wide. The saucer is 5 3/4th inches wide. The cup has beautiful designs and symbols that enclose a portrait of the Queen. They also manufactured items like bowls, tea pots, flower vases etc.


Many of these antique Roslyn bone china products are still on sale and are highly sought after by many antique collectors all over the world. Not many people know the value of these masterpieces, but those who do, are ready to pay unimaginable amounts to get hold of one such item. If you are interested in purchasing one of Roslyn’s antique bone china products, you can find many online shopping websites who have displayed such items on sale.

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