China Cabinet Glass Clips

Glass clips can be used for a variety of reasons on China cabinets. To find out how you can put these clips to use on fixing your old cabinet read on…

China cabinet glass clips come in different materials and are designed to serve different purposes. Some hold glass in place and can be useful on older china cabinets where the glass in the doors has become loose and rattles. This type of clip is usually made of clear or frosted plastic and is fastened on the inside of the cabinet door and secured against the glass to prevent the annoying rattling.

Glass clips with hinges are available for holding full glass cabinet doors in place. These clips are usually made of zinc and finished in brass, nickel or chrome. The clip is attached to the main body of the cabinet and then the glass is slipped into the clip and secured. It is usually necessary to use at least two hinged glass clips to secure a china cabinet door. These clips are also available with soft closing hinges which is a great safety feature.

China Cabinet Shelves

China cabinet glass clips for shelves are another type of clip which secures glass shelves in place. Some china cabinets are made with glass shelves, but it is possible to replace wood shelves with glass if desired. Glass shelves are especially useful in lighted china cabinets since the allow the light to shine through and light up the entire display. These clips are available in plastic and metal finishes. The clips are attached to the body of the cabinet and the shelf is either slipped into the clip or placed on top of the clip depending on its design.

Of course, china cabinet glass clips can be used in other areas like kitchen cabinets. Glass doors on upper kitchen cabinets make the room look more airy and open and it is easy to replace existing cabinet doors with glass. The glass can be fitted into a wood frame or can be used as a full sheet with glass clips with hinges. For full glass doors, be sure to choose tempered glass since it is more durable than plate glass.

Glass shelves look great in any room and can provide extra storage space without adding weight to the room. Glass clips are perfect for installing glass shelving anywhere in the home. There are many styles and finishes from which to choose. Consumers can find china cabinet glass clips can be found in the cabinet hardware section of home improvement stores or at online retailers.

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