Biking on the Great Wall of China

Want to know about biking on the great wall of China? Find out how you can explore the Great Wall on two wheels.

China promises many great adventures to globe trotters that make their way to the country. Amongst the many different awe inspiring experiences that China has to offer is the opportunity to bike on the Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China is one of the country’s most prized possessions. It is a structure that can be seen from outer space and its magnificence has earned it the honor of being a World Heritage Site.

Not Meant for Biking But Still…

The Great Wall that serves as a major tourist attraction today was once built for quite the opposite purpose. It was built to keep people out not invite them in. With the threat of the nomadic tribes trying to break apart unified China gone, the Great Wall has become a site that people the world over come to see.

As if getting a chance to view this manmade marvel was not special enough, those making their way to China now have an opportunity to do a lot more at the Great Wall of China. Biking is one of the most popular activities arranged for tourists on the Great Wall of China.

Explore China on Bike

Biking on the Great Wall of China is an excellent way to explore the cultural diversity of the region. Considering the fact that the Great Wall spreads over four thousand miles you will be able to see a lot of diversity through its entire stretch.

China is a land of many natural wonders. On your biking excursions you will come across many of these natural wonders as you travel from one end of the country to the other.

It will take you eight days to cover the entire distance of the Great Wall on bike. You could do it sooner if covering the distance is your only objective. But if you want to enjoy everything that comes along the way then going for a planned tour will be most enjoyable.

Planned tours will not have you cycling for the entire duration of the trip. You will be stopping in between to camp overnight at some amazing resorts and natural wonders along the way. You will also get a chance to explore the rural villages that are spread across the length of the Great Wall.

The tourism industry has done well to develop an infrastructure that allows them to offer bicycle journeys on the Great Wall of China. Initially the government would only allow visitors to explore only a small part of the Great Wall. This would greatly limit the exposure that visitors would get of the Chinese culture. By allowing the tour managers to arrange for biking trips for the entire length of the wall China has now given its tourists the opportunity to explore sixty different areas.

Biking excursions are not the only recreational activity set up for tourists to the Great Wall. There is the annual marathon, concerts and even fashion shows attracting people to this World Heritage Site.

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