Black China Cabinets

Black china cabinets can be classical or contemporary. To find what type is best for displaying your formal dining table set read on…

When considering black china cabinets, many people think of the shiny lacquer furniture popular in the 1980s, or of sleek modern pieces, but classically styled china cabinets painted in a matt black finish are a great way to display beautiful dishes and silver pieces. The flat black background provides contrast but does not compete with the items on display in the cabinet.

Contemporary Black Cabinets

Many furniture companies make china cabinets in matt black finishes. Painted cabinets do not have to match the rest of a dining suite. They can complement the existing table and chairs while being a stand alone piece. Black china cabinets have the advantage of not having to match the exact shade of existing wood furniture as long as the styles are similar. Mixing wood and painted furniture gives a room the appearance of items collected over time, rather than purchased as a set.

Refinishing an Old Cabinet

China cabinets are one of the most expensive pieces of dining room furniture, but if you can locate a cabinet in a style similar to your existing dining room furniture, you can refinish it yourself. Before buying a used cabinet, make sure all the exposed surfaces are made from wood, not laminate or finished particle board. It is nearly impossible to refinish laminate or particle board. Lightly sand and clean all the surfaces to be painted and tape off glass. Paint with a matt finish black paint.

Coordinating Mismatched Pieces

While it was once de rigueur to purchase furniture in matching sets, today it is considered more fashionable to mix and match different finishes and styles to create a harmonious whole that looks as if it was collected over time. A black china cabinet will fit into most decorating schemes if it is in the same scale as existing furniture and in a style which harmonizes with the table and dining chairs. For instance, modern furniture mixes very well with vintage art deco pieces, but a heavy rustic cabinet will probably not look right with classic Queen Anne style furniture.

Black china cabinets offer a great place to display fine china and silver and can match most decorating styles. Many different styles are available in new furniture or buyers can choose to look for a used piece and refinish it themselves. As long as the size and style of the cabinet coordinates with the existing dining room furniture, a black china cabinet can be a beautiful addition to any dining room.

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