Swedish Dining Chairs

Dine in elegance with classic Swedish dining chairs. Entertain guests and showcase your fabulous Swedish furniture. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Swedish furniture of the Gustavian style is reminiscent of the period’s solemnity with its subdued colors and paled hues.  This color palette attracts light and softens dark gloomy rooms. This fresh and typically Swedish style complements dark, hardwood floors, natural linen and antique woodworks.

To achieve this, opt for traditional wooden furniture with curved-back dining chairs, tables with nicely curved legs.  Legs on case goods are delicate and tapered at the floor.  Simple light-stained wood or padded headboards are common on beds in Swedish style interiors. For a more modern look, you can choose furniture in natural wood finishes, or metal frames in chrome and neutral colors, with clean and smooth lines especially for tables and chairs.  These pieces of furniture give a classic touch of Swedish design with modern twist.

Graceful lines on dining chairs is a trademark of Gustavian style furniture combined with pale hues of cream, white and gray gives a classic feel and elegant atmosphere.  Swedish style furniture maximizes space.

Swedish dining chairs can also be achieved by using fabric with floral garland prints, soft lines and swirls, in hues of pale yellow, cream, grayish white and light blue.

The cherry table and chairs could be part of any traditional dining room, but the addition of the slipcovered  chair skirts, the crystal chandelier, light floors and the gray/blue walls lend a real Swedish feel any dining room.

If you opt for antique Swedish dining chairs, check out designs such as Rosen dining chair, Druvan, Axet, Bonden, Carl, Bellman and Leksand dining chairs.  These Swedish chairs reflect the classic Gustavian style of the early periods.

If you want to create an overall Swedish dining style, pair your dining chairs with a round or rectangular table with curved legs, painted in white, cream or gray.  Enhance the overall ambiance of your dining room with crystal fixture and chandelier.  Paint your walls and floor with pale hues.  Choose checked or striped fabrics and airy curtains.

Dining chairs form an important part of the whole dining experience.  Families eating together get the time to bond and catch with each other’s whereabouts.  Also, you can invite over friends to share your meal and get together.  Make every dining experience a memorable one.  Create a dining room that gives you satisfaction.  Complete your home’s Scandinavian-inspired theme with a set of Swedish dining chairs.

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