China Cabinet Hardware

China Cabinet hardware can include drawer knobs, hinges or glass panels. To find out what hardware you need to fix your China cabinet read on…

China Cabinet hardware refers to the drawer pulls, knobs and decorative hinges on the furniture. A simple way to update that old china cabinet that was inherited from grandma is to replace the existing hardware with new knobs and pulls which better suit the decorating scheme. If a china cabinet is missing hardware, it may be almost impossible to match, so it is easier to replace all the hardware with new pieces.

Hardware is like jewelry for furniture and it is available in a plethora of styles and finishes. Acrylic and crystal knobs work well on some cabinets, but polished or antique brass may be a better choice for others. Buyers can choose from sleek, modern styles or from more traditional looks to suit their taste and budget. China cabinet hardware is available at different price points, from inexpensive to high priced custom decorating pieces.

Old china cabinets can get a new lease of life with some paint and new hardware. Consider painting a china cabinet black or in a color that harmonizes with the room in which it is placed. New cabinets can be quite expensive but older china cabinets can be found at estate sales and thrift shops. With just a little TLC these old pieces can add a touch of class to any room.

When purchasing a second hand china cabinet it is important to make sure it is made of wood, not particle board or MDF. Wood is easy to refinish and will last for years, but particle board and MDF are nearly impossible to refinish and may bubble if they get wet. Old metal china cabinets from the 1920s and 30s are also fairly easy to refinish and can look great in modern or art deco settings. Broken glass and missing hardware are easy to replace, but it is important that the surface of the furniture can be painted or varnished.

The right china cabinet hardware can define the style of the piece and provide interest. It can be chosen to blend in like antique brass, or to stand out like brushed nickel. Modern drawer pulls may not be available in the same sizes as old hardware, so it is do it yourselfers need to measure the width of existing drawer pulls. It may be necessary to fill in old holes and drill new ones. For those who want authenticity, old china cabinet hardware may be available at stores specializing in vintage architectural items or online.

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