China Cabinet Table

Interested in buying a China cabinet table? Find out about this unique dual purpose piece of oriental furniture.

If you are in need of a cabinet as well as a table then the china cabinet table is the two in one solution for you. This unique furniture item is a legacy on its own. As the name suggests the china cabinet table provides you with storage space while functioning as a table at the same time.

China cabinet tables come in a plethora of designs. Some of the interesting varieties available in the market out there are as follows:

Antique Chinese Table Cabinet

This vintage rustic China cabinet table is a full fledged table with three storage drawers. The furniture item has a very distinctive oriental flavor that can work wonders for your interior design. The gorgeous rustic stain with the light and dark brown wood grain highlights give this cabinet table its antique touch.

The table has two top drawers of equal size and a lower much longer single drawer. The twin drawers have a set of brass pull handles whereas beautiful carving adorns the bottom drawer. Further carvings on the legs of the table add to the aesthetic appeal of the china cabinet table.

Chinese Table Cabinet With Three Drawers & Two Doors

This is a truly classic cabinet table that features three drawers along with two door cabinets providing ample storage space. This is a highly versatile cable that can be used as a stylish buffet cabinet and is even large enough to sport a large screen TV. Alternatively you can make use of it as a foyer cabinet or even as a dresser.

The solid and versatile construction of the china cabinet table is complimented by the superb finish that gives it a stained finish with hues of different shades of brown. The sides of the cabinet table have been adorned with simple yet elegant carvings and the same goes for the face of the drawers. The focal point of the cabinet table is the carved flower in the middle drawer. This cabinet table has been made in such a way that all the drawers can be removed to serve as an open shelf.

Chinese Table Cabinet With Five Drawers

If you require even more storage space then this Cabinet table with five drawers is bound to fulfill your requirements. This particular cabinet has been modeled on the 19th century classic look which gives it a striking presence. You can incorporate this table cabinet in your home and it can even work wonders in an office environment. With its dual practical function this Chinese cabinet can serve as a useful table top as well as multi storage cabinet.

Mongolian Style Table Cabinet With Three Drawers

If you are looking for a slightly different flavor to your cabinet table then the Mongolian table cabinet is a unique looking invention. It has three highly decorated drawers with beautiful floral patterns. The table top can actually be used as a seating area as well as further enhancing the usability of this china cabinet table.

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