Chinese New Year Flowers

Chinese New Year is as much about scent as it is about sights and sounds. Find out about the fine selection of Chinese New Year flowers that are popularly used during the season.

One can see the country of China literally burst up into a flare of colors as the time for welcoming the New Year arrives. This is one time of the year when the Chinese go all out with their decoration and celebration efforts. There are various symbolic decorations that are held up during this time and the use of a special selection of flowers is one of the main elements of decoration during New Year.

Since the tone of the event is set towards happiness, growth and prosperity flowers make an excellent symbol by capturing the essence of the spirit of the Chinese New Year. Not only do you get to witness a wonderful array of sights and sounds but the air is also filled with the wonderful scents of a variety of blooming flowers of the season.

The flower power

After giving their homes a thorough cleaning and themselves a decent makeover the locals take to decorating their homes with the flowers that have been short listed as the official symbolic flowers of the season. There are many florists working up excellent flower baskets and other creative compositions using the flowers of the season.

Having your homes loaded with blooms of the season is an ancient tradition and a prevailing custom in China today. The fresh new flowers symbolize the concept of rebirth and growth that is to come with the New Year. The fine selection of flowers short listed for the New Year includes water lilies, narcissus, peony and the azalea.

Flowers hold a special place in Chinese tradition. According to their beliefs there would be no fruits if there weren’t any flowers in the home. Hence if a family wants to avoid the ill fortune of the year to come it has to take to decorating its home with fresh and blooming flowers.

Red and gold are the most prominent colors that one will get to see around New Year’s time in China. The red stands for happiness whereas the gold symbolizes wealth. The flowers in the interior decorations are accompanied with red painted windows and doors, platters of tangerines and oranges along with a special candy tray that is also part of the tradition.

This tradition makes good business for florists and flower delivery services that are high priced and really busy during this season. Many people make use of their services in order to send each other gifts or get some special decoration item made for their homes.

The Azalea bonsai is amongst one of the really special flowers used for decorative purposes during this time of the year. It is perhaps the most popular New Year flower variety which can be seen at the entrance of almost every home in the country. The fact that it is available in the bonsai variety makes managing it even easier.

The expert florists work hard to give China a wonderful look with their flower arrangements that can be seen on the streets as well as inside people’s homes.

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