Chinese Beauty Symbols

Find out why the Chinese symbol for beauty is amongst the most popular Chinese symbols used in various ways throughout the world.

Imagine being a PhD in a language and still not knowing the entire range of alphabets present in that language. Such is the nature of the Chinese language which is not exactly based upon an alphabet but has over 80,000 Chinese symbols that are impossible for any one individual to memorize.

The bulk of these symbols are no longer in use but there still remains an extensive library of Chinese symbols that contains the entire range. Chinese characters do not have any phonetic value rather they are symbols that represent concepts.

The concept of beauty as represented through Chinese symbols truly captures its essence. This is because the art of constructing Chinese characters is in it self so beautiful that irrespective of what symbol you draw beauty seems to be the over riding factor as it is.

Understanding beauty and appreciating the symbol

Nonetheless the concept of beauty as represented through Chinese characters is very popular today. Let us understand the different implications that the Chinese beauty symbol has had for the people of China through the changing ages.

Traditionally the word beauty has always been associated with the fairer sex. Even today when you pass by a Chinese beauty salon you will find the first character on the sign board to be the “beauty”. An interesting fact that not many people are aware of regarding the Chinese translation of USA is that it translates as Beautiful Country.

The Chinese beauty symbol also represents the art of beautifying your self through applying make up and other cosmetics to enhance the physical appearance. In some respects the beauty symbol is also solely reserved to mean a beautiful face.

The meaning that the Chinese symbol for beauty takes on varies according to the way it is portrayed and where it is portrayed. An example to illustrate this point would be a handmade wall scroll. The beauty symbol in this form becomes more of a status symbol that shows that you have good taste and know how to appreciate the good things in life.

The Chinese beauty symbol in today’s times

Many people in the west have developed a deep affection for Asian arts. This has given birth to a whole new industry which revolves around the production of gift items inspired by Asian cultures.

Different gift items like T-shirts, pendants and necklaces featuring the Chinese beauty symbol are very commonly exchanged between lovers. Any woman who has the slightest of aesthetic sense will definitely love to receive one of those gift items featuring the Chinese beauty symbol.

The Chinese beauty symbol is perhaps the hottest selling symbol amongst those symbols that have gained currency in the west during recent years. The obvious reason behind that is the culture that prevails in the western countries where the exchanging of gifts between loved ones is a common practice.

The Chinese beauty symbol thus serves as an artistic expression of appreciation of the other person’s beauty. The value of such a gift item is further raised by the fact that Chinese symbols are by themselves extremely beautiful.

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