Chinese Dog & Cat Names

Looking for Chinese dog and cat names? Read on to discover some of the most popular Chinese names for your pets.

If you are looking for unique pet names for your dog or cat then the Chinese library of pet names has plenty of interesting options at bay. As it is Chinese names tend to have a very different sound which makes them stand out amongst others. When you couple that with the great meanings that some of them have then you have a collection of classic pet names.

Chinese dog names

Chinese dog names are ideal for naming a pup that originates from Chinese breeding. This is because it would truly reflect that culture. On the flipside your dog need not be of Chinese origin in order for you to give it a Chinese name. If you like the way a particular Chinese dog name feels then you can go ahead and name your dog with that name irrespective of the area of its origins. The Chow chow, Manchurian hairless, Chinese crested, Pekingese, and the Shih Tzu are some of the popular Chinese breeds.

The Chinese usually name their dogs according to a physical character or behavior that the dog possesses. This is why you will find all Chinese dog names to carry some sort of meaning. Take the name “Bai” for example. It means “white” in the Chinese language and can be used for any dog that is white in color. There are many traditional names that the Chinese have used for dogs throughout their history.

With a slight variation to Bai, you have the name Bao which means something precious. It is a short name that is easy to call out which your dog is most likely to get used to in good speed. It even sounds like the barking sound that dogs make.

If you are looking for something with a more distinct Chinese flavor then you have names like Chang-o Moon which means Keeper of Ambrosia, an ancient Chinese Goddess. Generally though, it is better to give your dog a short name such as Ru, which means scholar and Ai meaning loving.

Chinese cat names

Rest assured the Chinese library of pet names has many interesting names that you can give to your precious cat. Short names like An which means peace and Bo meaning precious are quite common in the Chinese culture. Such names have become popular choices amongst a wide variety of non-Chinese speaking people as well.

Da is another popular Chinese name for cats. This name that means attainment is suitable for a male cat only. If you have a female cat then you would want to go with a name like Fang which means a sweet smelling fragrance. Lok is a unisex name that you can use to call your male or female cat. It has a simple and nice meaning of “happy”.

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