Chinese Dragon Costume

Interested in Chinese dragon costumes? Learn about the craft of making a Chinese dragon costume and the different ways in which it is used.

The Chinese dragon is composed of a combination of different physical features taken from various animals. The end result is the classic image of the dragon that finds itself represented through various forms in the Chinese culture.

The image of the dragon is one that is highly revered and holds eminence in the eyes of the Chinese. They have made the dragon a part of various celebrations such as the traditional dragon dance which is most commonly witnessed on the event of the Chinese New Year. This unique dance performance involves a team of dancers dressed up in a dragon costume.

The Chinese dragon costume that was developed for the dragon dance but it wasn’t something that one individual would wear. Rather this unique costume was worn by the entire team of dancers which could consist of more than eight people.

Dragon head

The costume consisted of a specially designed head. The head is the most striking feature of the dragon costume. After all it consists of the eyes of the rabbit and the ears of a cow along with the horns of a stag. This head is carried by the lead dancer. Although the person carrying the head is considered to be the lead dancer he does not make many dance moves as he has to remain stable and carry the head.

The particulars of the head may vary from costume to costume. The heads often feature different color themes that make them look very interesting. From the head follows a rigged body which is held up by as many people as you like. The length of the rigged body which is also considered to be the tail is made according to the number of people that are going to be holding it up. The end of the body is shaped like the end of the dragon’s tail.

The Chinese dragon costume is one of the most unique features of their culture. Indeed it is considered to be a locally derived art form. In modern times the Chinese dragon costume has been recognized globally and the dragon dance is performed in Chinatowns all around the world.

Many people have been intrigued by the dragon costume. The Chinese have cashed in on the popularity that the dragon costume has received and have used it to attract tourists to the country. This is one of the reasons for which the Chinese have worked hard to preserve these ancient traditions.

Today however you will be able to find dragon costumes of various kinds. The larger than life dragon dance costume is not the only one available in the market. You will be able to get your hands on dragon costumes that can be worn by one individual alone. Such costumes often feature a dragon mask with a cloak like rigged body and a tail. Similarly you will be able to find dragon costumes for kids. These are particularly popular in China as well as the in the west.

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