Chinese Herbs for an Underactive Thyroid

Want to learn about Chinese herbs for an underactive thyroid? Find out about the herbal treatment for underactive thyroid according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Underactive thyroid is also known as hypothyroidism. Under the umbrella of traditional Chinese medicine this condition is diagnosed as Yang deficiency of kidney, spleen and heart. There are certain Chinese herbs can be used in combination in order to treat an underactive thyroid.

The thyroid hormone plays a fundamental role in the maintenance of the body as it is a catalyst that promotes the metabolism in different systems of the body. The body needs to have a certain amount of thyroid hormones in order for it to develop properly. Hence when the body has an insufficient amount of thyroid hormones the metabolism is adversely affected in different parts of the body. Since Chinese medicine views Kidney Yang as the source of Yang energy the herbal treatment prescribed for treating underactive thyroid addresses Yang deficiency in the organs.

One of the most popular herbal formulas used to treat underactive thyroids is Thyro-Lo. The collection of herbs that are used in this formula include such kind of herbs that stimulates the production of thyroid hormones. They also help to improve physiological functions in the body as well as increase the metabolism. The Chinese herbs used for treating underactive thyroids also act as powerful energy boosters.

The Herbs and Their Actions On An Underactive Thyroid

The thyroid requires a certain amount of iodine in order to get back on track. Repetitive unsuccessful attempts by the thyroid gland with the absence of iodine develop hypertrophy of the gland. In such cases Chinese herbs like laminaria and sargassum can help stimulate the production of thyroid hormone. These seaweeds are effective in reducing hypertrophy as well as enlargement of the thyroid gland as they are rich in dietary iodine.

Along with the need to supply the thyroid gland with the required dose of iodine it is also important to enhance its basal metabolism in order to improve its physiological functions. This can be achieved by making use of Yang tonic herbs such as prepared aconite and cinnamon bark. These are amongst the strongest Chinese herbs that can help to fortify the Yang energy of the kidney, spleen and heart.

The physiological functioning of the thyroid gland can be enhanced with the help of Yin tonic herbs. There is a wide variety of herbal formulas that have shown excellent stimulating effects on the endocrine system. These include cornus, rehmmania and discorea. The addition of moutan, poria and alisma helps to balance out the tonic herbs in order to minimize the chances of developing any side effects. Lycium fruit is also used to treat underactive thyroid as it helps to tonify kidney and liver Yin. Testudinis and Deer antler are also used for the same purpose.

The popular Chinese herb Ginseng is also added to the collection of herbs that are used to treat underactive thyroid. It has the effects to enhance the memory and learning of the individual by stimulating the pituitary gland which releases a number of endogenous hormones to boost the working of the immune system.

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