Chinese Medicine Increased Libido

Interested in what Chinese medicine has for increasing libido? Read on to get a load of the most popular medicines used in the traditional medical practices of China.

Certain natural deficiencies curb the sexual drives in individuals. Chinese medicine however has the solution to help increase libido. The Chinese have long made use of a mixture of herbs for the purpose of increasing libido. This is an all natural and completely safe means of restoring the sexual drive back to normal.

According to the Chinese medicine perspective an individual’s sexual wellness reflects the over all wellness of the body. Hence in order to treat this problem Chinese medicine aims to heal the entire body and restore overall wellness which will eventually bring about the desired result. The solution for increasing the libido does not primarily focus on the genital area.

The area of focus of Chinese medicines for increasing libido

Generally the herbs that are used in Chinese medicine for increased libido work to increase the testosterone as well as nitric oxide. The herbs also help to better the blood circulation in the body that brings about overall wellness as well. Stress and fatigue are also potent causes of decreased libido. The herbs selected for increasing libido fight to reduce the levels of stress and fatigue in order to revitalize the body for sexual activity in particular and physical activity in general.

The most popular Chinese medicines for increasing libido :


This is one of the most popular Chinese body tonics. It works to enhance the blood flow to the extremities of the body. Stagnating blood flow in the legs for example have a negative effect on libido hence by promoting the blood flow to such areas Gingko increases the libido. At the same time Ginko also acts as an anti oxidant for the body.

The lipid per oxidation of cell membranes is boosted with the use of this tonic. This is a process that can result in atherosclerosis and clogging of arteries. Ginko is also a powerful tonic to help fight against fatigue, stress and depression.

Horny Goat Weed

This is also amongst the top herbal tonics produced by Chinese medicine specialists for the purpose. This particular medicine works on the mental level to reduce stress and fatigue. Drinking this liquid will help to boost energy as well as the testosterone levels and nitric oxide.

A low level of nitric oxide leads to a decreased libido in men. The body produces this vital chemical naturally but its ability to do so declines with age. It is imperative for the body to possess sufficient amount of nitric oxide in order to get an erection. Horny Goat Weed is an excellent natural source of increasing libido.


The Chinese have been making use of Korean Ginseg for the purpose of balancing the sexual strength of the body and as a source of revitalization for over 7000 years. It helps to stimulate the body and restores mental and physical energy. Drinking Ginseng also develops greater stamina and strength as it works to reduce stress and fatigue. The tonic normalizes hormone imbalances in the body while boosting metabolism. It helps to increase the libido by increasing the blood flow to the genitals.

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