Chinese Nail Art

Interested in Chinese nail art? Find out about the ancient origins of this unique art form and how it serves as a means of making a profound fashion statement in today’s times.

Who could’ve thought that the tiny surface of the nail could serve as a canvas for artists looking to create some out of the box art work? Well, seems like the Chinese did because they have used the nail as a canvas on which to exercise their creative muscles and come up with a unique art form known as Chinese nail art.

Women have long decorated their nails with nail polishes in order to adorn themselves. But Chinese nail art goes way beyond the use of simple nail polish in different colors. Rather it is an outlandish approach to decorating the nail and involves intricate artwork using different materials.

The ancient practice of decorating the nails has today become a means of making a profound fashion statement. The Chinese artists have displayed a great deal of creativity and skill in this medium. This can be witnessed by exploring the various designs and styles that form the collection of Chinese nail art.

Chinese nail art revolutionized the rather simplistic concept of painting your nails in order to adorn your self. This experimental form of art has greatly intrigued women looking for something out of the norm. Generally nicely groomed nails are supposed to reflect the personality of an individual. In today’s style conscious world however women seek to make a fashion statement by putting on heavy Chinese decorations on their nails.

The historical origins and evolution of Chinese nail art

The origins of this art form can be traced back to more than three thousand years ago. Nail art is one amongst the many unique art forms to have originated from the country of China. It was the Chinese that first began making use of nail polish. Later on the art form evolved as they began making use of various other materials such as gelatin, gum Arabic and bee’s wax.

These ingredients were primarily used to create lacquers and varnishes for nail paints. The advancement in technology over the passing years allowed the Chinese to improve the quality of their nail art and a wide array of designs and colors came into existence.

Today Chinese nail art is more popular than ever. This is because style consciousness is at its Zenith amongst the women of the world. In such a scenario Chinese nail art offers women to make a colorful, beautiful, and rocking fashion statement with the use of the various clip on Chinese nail art.

Along with using a multitude of colors the Chinese also create different textures that help to generate different appeals. Interested females have a variety of patterns to choose from which may range from geometric to totally abstracted designs. With the glitter and gels along with the airbrushed techniques Chinese nail art has a lot to offer to the women of today.

The various designs also incorporate the use of nail stickers and nail jewelry to further enhance the nail. Water marbling is another popular technique along with the use of stencils, rhinestones and crushed shells.

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