Chinese Sex Herbs

Interested in Chinese sex herbs? Find out about the kind of herbs that have been used for the purpose of enhancing sexual performance according to traditional Chinese medicine.

The term sex herbs are used to describe those herbs that are used to treat erectile dysfunctions in men and also as a means to increase libido. There are many prescription medicines available for these problems but the public is increasingly being drawn towards making use of herbal remedies because they are free from any harmful effects.

The Chinese have been making use of sex herbs to cure sex related problems for centuries even when there was no sign of prescription drugs for such problems.

Siberian Ginseng is one of the most popular herbs used for the purpose of increasing blood circulation to the brain as well as the entire body. It also classifies as a sex herb and is widely used for the purpose of restoring sexual health.

The main ingredient that makes this herb effective in this case is ginsenosides. This is the substance that gives a boost to the blood flow in the body which includes the genital area as well. The adaptogen properties of Ginseng make it a powerful herb that helps to combat fatigue and stress which can hamper sexual performance.

According to Chinese traditional medicine the herb ginseng is associated with male energy which is known as Yang. Making use of Ginseng will generate the same effects in your body with regard to your sexual performance as Viagra does. However it does not carry with it the potential risk of side effects.

Furthermore prescription drugs like Viagra only cater to one specific purpose which is erectile dysfunction. On the other hand ginseng will not only work to enhance your sexual performance rather it will load you up on various other health benefits such as toning the entire endocrine system.

The Chinese herbs aim to restore the chi energy in the body. A restored level of chi boosts the functions of all the body’s organs thereby solving any sexual dysfunction.

Kola vera, damiana and saw palmetto are amongst the most commonly used herbs for the purposes of increasing libido and enhancing the sexual function in males.

The Chinese have traditionally used damiana as an aphrodisiac from ancient times. Kola vera on the other hand is a powerful source to boost the energy in the body and thereby enhance sexual performance. Men suffering from prostate problems are prescribed the Chinese herb saw palmetto which is known for its powers to increase sex drive in men.

Amongst the other herbs used for the purpose are focus vesiculosis and glycorrhiza glacra. These have been observed to be tonifying agents especially focusing on the reproductive system. The herbs also help to restore the balance of hormones eventually leading to better sexual health. Lirosma ovata is another popular Chinese sex herb that has been attested to by modern medical science.

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