Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

Born in the year of the rabbit? Want to know what that means? Discover the high-spirited personality of the Chinese zodiac rabbit.

The rabbit is one of the most high-spirited characters in the Chinese zodiac. The little hopper represents the fourth year of the calendar and is renowned for its creativity. As such the rabbit is considered to be a very compassionate character that is highly sensitive to his surroundings.

Rabbits are Social Creatures

Rabbit people are not the kind that like to spend time alone. Rather they love to be part of a social setting and are at their best when they have people around them. They enjoy being part of a gang rather than being alone. But when part of a gang you will find the rabbit to be the least fussy who will always seek to avoid conflict. They have a very considerate approach if they are faced with opposition and will always look to reach a compromise rather than fuel a conflict.

Rabbits are Easily Upset

On the surface their character seems as though they are virtually always upset. Although it is true that the rabbit can easily be taken advantage of but saying that they are always upset is contrary to the truth. Rather it is their serene nature that makes others conceive of them in this manner. This is also one of the reasons why rabbits do not particularly enjoy competition and aggression. You will find the rabbit to be the least interested in taking big risks and such people are content on playing it safe.

On the flipside the rabbit is a highly sophisticated personality. It has class that is visible in its sense of style and artistic expression. It also has the mannerism to make up its sense of aesthetics and also possesses a profound urge to learn about new things especially related to anthropology.

Rabbit people are at utmost comfort when they are at home. You will find their homes to be highly organized with everything neatly kept in its place. The rabbits like to maintain order but at the same time they love to entertain rather than be entertained.

Shy Rabbits

Although the rabbit possesses a great creative sense it lacks the self confidence which deters it from fully utilizing its potentials. In truth the rabbit does not know its self worth and always under estimates its potentials. By avoiding taking risks the rabbit often misses out on golden opportunities.

As mentioned above rabbit people are very sensitive but they hardly express their true feelings to anyone. Keeping all their feelings inside can take toll on their health. This is by far the biggest thing that tends to weigh them down. They could do themselves a favor by engaging in more recreational activities that involve physical activity.

Rabbits in Love

When it comes to the opposite sex the rabbits love to give themselves up. In the course of such events the rabbit also develops wishful thinking and tends to expect too much from the other party. When others fail to meet the high expectations of the rabbit people they tend to get blue which is the result of their own doing.

Rabbits are known to possess the gift of the gab and great communication skills. Good career lines for rabbit people are writing, designing, doctorate as well as different fields of public relations.

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