Chinese Zodiac Sheep

Born in the Chinese year of the sheep? Want to know what that means? Find out as we take an in depth look at the character sketch of the Chinese zodiac sheep.

The sheep is a rather docile animal in real life. The Chinese philosophers have drawn up a rather vivid character sketch for the sheep that occupies a special place in the Chinese zodiac.

Sensitive Sheep

The sheep possesses elegance and is known for its charming character. They are believed to be extremely gifted by nature and also possess a great sense of aesthetics. Sheep people have a profound love for nature and take it as their inspiration. This nature of the sheep makes them very observant but at the same time very sensitive and delicate.

Sheep & Morals

The sheep learns its mannerisms from the movements in nature. This is why sheep people are considered being of a high moral standard always displaying good etiquettes. This is the reason why they have such a charming personality that is often overlooked by many but deeply appreciated by those who can see the inherent qualities of the sheep.

Insecure Sheep

As friendly natured as they are the sheep tend to be very insecure. They love to be loved, protected and cared for. In return they show a lot of respect and appreciation for their loved ones. The sheep have a tendency to fall into a complex. This is one of the reasons they are shy and would much rather avoid any sort of confrontation. They tend to be weighed down by public pressure and would easily give in even if they have the right thing in mind.

Anxiety & Sheep

Sheep people also tend to be big time dreamers. They like to live in their own fantasy world which gives a boost to their creativity. There is however a darker side to the sheep’s personality and that is the fact that they tend to become pessimistic and consequently hesitant from time to time. When things are not going their way they tend to become very worried and anxiety really wears them down. This in turn makes them quite lethargic.

Public Appearances

The sheep are quite fascinated with the way that they look. They are also quite style conscious and like to present themselves in an elegant manner. Whenever the sheep are going out they like to look their best as well as be their best. This is one of the things that makes sheep people balanced individuals. Although at times they may go too far with regards to their looks and may actually hesitate to step out if they are not dressed properly for the occasion.

Natural Talents

The nature of the sheep is such that it loves to explore the unexplored. They can be truly termed as seekers that like to get to the bottom of things. There is one thing about the sheep though, and that is the fact that they are quite disorganized which makes them poor business people. On the other hand they can make great artists and craftsmen. Writing is also one of the fields that sheep people can excel at. Basically any activity that draws upon their aesthetic abilities is something that the sheep people would shine in.

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