Excessive Perspiration Chinese Medicine

Interested in what Chinese medicine has to say about excessive perspiration? Find out how the Chinese diagnose and treat the problem of excessive sweat.

Sweating is a natural function of the body and when it takes place normally is very healthy and indeed essential for the well being of the body. The problem occurs when you start sweating too much. This abnormal condition is known as hyperhidrosis and is quite a common problem.

The Chinese treatment to this problem has been observed to be very effective. According to the Chinese the sweating of the body gives you an indication of the harmony that exists within it. In Chinese medical study the sweat phenomenon is studied in great detail as it is considered to be of fundamental importance. Chinese medicine provides an all natural alternative to surgical treatments and chemical drugs for the purpose of perspiration control.

According to Chinese medicine excessive sweating is caused by various patterns of disharmony within the body. The Chinese treatment for the problem takes into account each patient’s situation individually.

There are two kinds of treatments under Chinese medicine for the treatment of hyperhidrosis; herbal treatment and acupuncture. Herbal treatment was used well before acupuncture. An acupuncturist would conduct an interview with the patient and ask questions regarding your sweating, eating, sleeping and exercise habits. The practitioner will then devise a treatment plan tailored to your condition.

Chinese medicine has various herbal formulas which are used according to the diagnosis.

Excessive sweating on the hands and feet

The common diagnosis for this problem is heat accumulation in the stomach and intestines as well as dampness and spleen deficiency. Qi deficiency in these areas is also a cause of excessive sweating on the hands and feet as well as Yin deficiency in the Liver and Kidney.

Chinese herbal formulas used to cure this problem includes Major Order the Qi Decoction, four gentleman decoction, calm the stomach powder and five ingredient with poria decoction and the six ingredient poll with rehmannia.

Excessive sweating in the armpit

The common diagnosis for this problem is damp heat in the liver or other gall bladder channels along with Yin deficiency in the liver and kidney.

The proposed Chinese herbal formulas include the gentiana longdancao decoction as well as the modified six ingredient pill with rehmannia.

Excessive sweating in the head

The accumulation of damp heat and kidney Yang deficiency is identified as the major cause of this problem.

Frigid extremities decoction and Artemisia yinchenhao and poria decoction are the proposed herbal treatments for this problem.

Excessive sweating on the chest

Heart and spleen Qi deficiency along with heart and kidney Yin deficiency is identified as the root cause of this problem.

The gui pi tang and the tian wang bu zin are Chinese herbal formulas used for the treatment of this problem.

Excessive sweating in the upper body

Damp heat accumulation is the common diagnoses for this problem.
The Chinese developed the huang lian jie du tang herbal formula as the cure.

Excessive sweating in the lower body

Damp heat in the lower Jiao is considered to be the cause of this problem. The use of long dan xie gan tang provides the solution.

The above mentioned information shows some of the diagnoses for excessive sweating in some parts of the body and the proposed Chinese therapy for the problem. As mentioned before the problem and its causes vary according to each individual. Hence the effectiveness of both the herbal formulas as well as acupuncture will only be determined after conducting a physical exam of the patient.

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